Mount Pelee eruption



Hello people, And today I will be doing a project on volcanoes!! and my particular volcano is "Mount Pelee" which did massive damage to the the town "St.pierre" a town in the northwest coast of the French island of "Martinique" so lets get started.

Important information on Mount Pelee

  • What type of volcano is "Mount Pelee"

  • Mount Pelee is" stratovolcano" which is a volcano built up of alternate layers of lava and ash (stratovolcano)

  • When did it happen?

  • The eruption of Mount Pelee occurred on May,8,1902 in a small town called St.Pierre a town northwest coast of the French island of "Martinique"

  • location of the volcano

  • Mount Pelee was located near the town St. Pierre, St. Pierre was "Rural" area with a population of 160,000 and killed over 30,000+ people in the eruption of 1902.

  • Elevation , width ,coordinates of Mount Pelee

Elevation: 1,397 m (4,583 ft

width: 1,496 m (4908 ft)

coordinates: 14.8167° N, 61.1667° W

  • How far was Mount Pelee from St. Pierre?

  • Mount Pelee was not to far but not that close, it was 7 kilometers apart from the town of St. Pelee.

How many people survived in the district (Area of destruction)

  • Only 2 people survived the explosion that were in the direct path of the volcano, one alive because he was in a poorly ventilated, dungeon-like jail cell, and the other, living on the edge of the city, escaped with severe burns.

  • Is Mount Pelee still erupting to this day?

  • No Mount Pelee is currently "Dorment" volcano, which means it is active but it can erupt anytime or it is active and it is suppose to erupt anytime.

  • Were there signs of Mount Pelee going to erupt?

  • Yes there were many signs of Mount Pelee erupting, such as farmers complaining that Mount Pelee was getting hot, animals dying of the heat, tremors (small earth quakes that hit before and after an eruption)

Pictures of Mount Pelee and the town/eruption

Devastation of Mount Pelee

  • How bad was the damage of Mount Pelee ?

  • long term effects: 30,000 deaths, destruction of houses, Mud slides, Fast floods, Toxic gases were released in the atmosphere.

  • Short term effects: Small tremors(before and after the eruption), crops died away(additional 100+ people died from starvation)

The scinence behind the volcano

  • What was the science behind the volcano
  • The science behind this volcano was like any other,when magma from within the Earth's upper mantle works its way to the surface. At the surface, it erupts to form lava flows and ash deposits. Over time as the volcano continues to erupt, it will get bigger and bigger.
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Relief after eruption

  • What happened after the eruption

  • Well not much, 2 PEOPLE got out with there lives some are alive but no where to be found Mount Pelee from that day on was "Dorment" for a century. One of those 2 people were stuck and managed to get out, the other one got away as soon as he saw the smoke coming out of the Mount Pelee at a really fast speed of (500 kph) houses were definitely destroyed by the ash that came out of the mountain. Basically the relief was the volcano went dorment.

lesson from Mount Pelee

  • One important lesson from the disaster Mount Pelee is, if tremors occur or if the warning system goes off which they have installed in 1987,what to do is to get far away from the volcano fast as possible, do not follow the wind direction that the smoke from the volcano is going towards, stay away from building (they collapse fast) and most importantly DO NOT STAY BACK, if you stay back you have a high chance of dying from the ash that is very hot and or the toxic gas that comes out of the volcano will kill you almost instant. That is my important lesson on Mount Pelee.

Long term effect

  • Was there a long term effect and or prevention of future planing?

  • I did not find any long term effects for Mount Pelee


Thank you for listing to my presentation of the deadly disaster Mount Pelee is was a terrible disaster and the fact that only 2 people survived from the town St.pierre was really bad. Again thank you for watching and good bye.