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Rosalie N

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reading is a very intresting thing. it helps you when you are sad. it makes you smarter and is good for your brain. if you are ever very tired and cant go to sleep, simply just read.
I picked this quote because this is exactly me when a book ends in a cliff hanger. I always get frustrated and wish they would write a sequal!!!

Favorite books

Some of my favorite books are Stargirl and The Fault in Our Stars.

Last Update

The last book I read was Stargirl. It was a really good book and I enjoyed reading it. I am hoping to read the second book!

About Me

1. I like sad books.

2. Books that can really happen are my favorite.

3. I dont really enjoy science fiction.

4. I love the book Stargirl.

5.I love the book the Fault In Our Stars.

6. My favorite subject is reading.

7. I love sports.

8. Family is very im portant to me.

9. I like the author Jerry Spinelli.

10. I love mexico and the pool.

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Bookshelf Tour | 2015


jacks you tube channel is a very reliable site and is well liked by his 4000 subscribers. he has good book recommendations for boys and girls.
A Great Big World, Christina Aguilera - Say Something

Favorite Song To Read To

My favorite song to read to is say something because it is a sad and slow and i can still read with it because it not a loud and upbeat song.

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