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New London Elementary Monthly Newsletter

June 2022 Edition

School's Out for Summer!!!!

I hope that everyone has a safe, yet fun Summer and is ready to return rested and ready to go next fall. Please enjoy this last newsletter of the school year.

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Important Things to Remember for Next Year

Morning Arrival

When dropping your students off in the morning in our Elementary Circle, please help everyone out by ensuring you are meeting these expectations:

1) Pull as far forward as possible to allow more cars in behind you

2) Ensure your child is ready to go

*Their coat on, their bag with them so they can get out of the vehicle when it is stopped. This will help to speed up the time vehicles spend in the circle.

3) Please do not get out of the vehicle yourself

*If you need to get out of the vehicle, please find a spot in the parking lot.

4) You are allowed to leave into the inner lane if you are done before the car in front of you.

*Just be safe when entering the new lane

5) 7:45 is the tardy bell, please ensure your child is here before that time.

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K: 2:38pm, 1-2: 2:40pm, 3-5: 2:43

*We will be using PikMyKid so please be sure you have downloaded the app and are prepared to use it next year.

*PikMyKid numbers will be given out during Open House for 1-5 and for K it will be during Orientation.

*Students labeled as Walkers should not be getting picked up on Campus. Those are Car Riders and should be released as such.

*Next year, K-2 families will be using the Circle. 3-5 Families are asked to Park and your students will come out to you. If you have both levels, then park and your older student can walk with your younger student.

*Parents are asked to stay in their vehicles and not walk up to the school.

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Lost and Found

If your child seems to be missing items of clothing or lunch boxes or anything that you know you sent to school with them, we might have it here. Please speak with your students about looking here or if you feel there is something that belongs to them, give us a call.
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Medical Notes

If your child/ children miss school due to an appointment at a doctor/ dentist/ any other medical reasons, please ask for a medical note and send it in to school with your child/children. This helps take time that is unexcused and makes it excused. If you forget, you can always have them fax it to us at 419-929-9512. Some places will not fax and will require you to pick up a physical copy.

Check This Out!!

Summer Soar Program

Attention PreK-3 families!!

ReadyRosie is here to help summer learning soar with 10 weeks of content designed to prevent summer learning loss and ensure more student confidence for next year. This summer, all connected families will automatically receive a weekly text or email from ReadyRosie with activities they can do together.

Kindergarten and their Tomatoes

Huron County Master Gardeners Project visited our little Wildcats and gave each one a tomato plant of their own to care for and grow.

Huron County Soil and Water Conservation District Poster Contest

Students were able to enter posters into the contest that occurred near Earth Day. We had a number of contestants enter with some great works of art. New London Elementary's own Avery Heileman was awarded 2nd prize!

Green Circle Growers Project

For Earth Day (back in April), some 2nd graders and Kindergartners were given plants to nurture. Here are some of their handy work :)

Field Day Fun!!!

This year we had beautiful weather, and the event was such a success. We not only had great competition but also high levels of sportsmanship and character. New London has some amazing kids!!!

Last Day of School

The PTO was so amazing all year and the last day of school was not any different. Students were able to enjoy bounce houses, snow cones and popcorn. Special thanks also to Mrs. Brady, Mrs. Ux, Mrs. Schwinn, Ms. Bracken and Mrs. Landis for their help in making the popcorn and the snow cones.

Mental Health Matters

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Community Resources

Summer break can be an exciting time to spend with family and friends, enjoy the outdoors, travel, and recharge. During the summer months, families may still find themselves in need of community resources and mental health support. Without being in school and having daily access to their school counselor or social worker, students and families may feel lost, not knowing where to turn for help. Please see the links below for county resources and mental health crisis services.

Below are links to community resources for Huron, Lorain, and Ashland Counties.

Huron County Resource guide - Here is a guide with various Huron county resources


Lorain County Resource guide


Ashland County Resource Guide


For mental health emergencies please contact the following agencies for the county you reside in:

Huron County

Firelands Counseling & Recovery Services

292 Benedict Avenue- Norwalk, Ohio 419-663-3737

Lorain County

Firelands Counseling & Recovery Services

6150 Park Square Dr- Lorain, Ohio 440-984-3882

Ashland County

Appleseed Community Mental Health Center

2233 Rocky Lane- Ashland, Ohio 419-281-3716

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Family Support Services

Click here for some helpful information

If you are looking to refer your student to a counselor or our Family Support Specialist you can access the Referral Form here.

Leader in Me

Leader in Me is an exciting process we've embarked on. Staff has trainings and then staff work with students on many things that tie directly to the 7 Habits listed below. These are all derived from Dr. Stephen Covey's "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People".

We will be covering the 7 Habits during "Leadership Time" as well as other parts during the day and will be cycling through the habits twice during the year. Feel free to discuss the habits with your students and see what they can tell you :)
Habit 1- Be Proactive

Habit 2- Begin with the End in Mind

Habit 3- Put 1st Things 1st

Habit 4- Think Win-Win

Habit 5- Seek 1st to Understand, Then to be Understood

Habit 6- Synergize

Habit 7- Sharpen the Saw

Below is a great visual for the 7 Habits that make up Leader in Me along with some family resources for home.

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Extending Leader in Me at Home

Looking Ahead

August 29: First Day of 22-23 School Year

One Last Message from Mr. Dulka

Mr Dulka Farewell