Involving the Law

Thesis Statement

In recent discussions of punishment for cyberbullying, a controversial issue has been whether kids should be disciplined by the law for cyberbullying or that getting involved with the law is taking it too far. I believe that the law being involved would be an effective strategy.

Pro Articles

The first article talked on how if schools dealed with the cyberbullying problem it would take money out of the school funding. So if this did happen students would have less money for books, teachers, and sports.“Decreasing education budgets across the states also make combating cyberbullying more difficult. Texas legislators ultimately had to eliminate mandatory training from the state’s law because of budget constraints, Smith said.” (Kamolafe) This is a direct quote proving this. The next article talked on how if someone was arrested for cyberbullying then this would send a clear message to other people that feel like harrasing someone over the internet.

Con Articles

The author is trying to say that the law would be a poor substitute for cyberbullying consequences because you can not be held accountable for someone elses suicide. “Second, the criminal justice system is a poor substitute for what really needs to be done. Cyberbullying is classic anti-social behavior. Whether people act in a cruel and callous manner is something we learn early in life.” (Levenson) This can be considered as an understatement because you can hold someone accountable for this because if there is proof or even the victim stated that the bully is the soul purpose for whatever has happened then you can use the law to criminalize that person.


Cyberbullying can be stopped in the future if we have the law on our side to counter cyberbullying. If we sent out a clear message to everyone of the consequences that would happened if they tried to harm someone elses emotional life with comments over the internet then maybe we could stop it.