Hank Williams Jr

A biography by Haylee Freeman

Basic Information

Born: May 26, 1949 in Shreveport, Louisiana

Started to sing at age 8

In 1970, he started to create his own music identity

In 1974 he committed suicide

1975 he was severely injured by mountain climbing

1980 he was one of country's musics top performer

Arrested on April 4,2006

2012 released Old School New Rules album

At 15 years old he was top 5 on the country charts

He is 65 years old today and will be 66 on May 26,2015


He had three wife and 5 children

First wife was Gwen Yeargain and they had one son together, Shelton Hank Williams (Hank the 3rd)

Second wife was Becky White and they had two daughters together, Holly and Hilary

Third wife was Mary Iane and they had one daughter and one son, Katherine and Samuel

His moms name is Audrey Williams, singer, and born on February 28,1923

His dads name is hank Williams Sr, singer, and born on September 17,1923

Why I Choose This Person

My dad had introduced his sons song "I Don't Know" and I liked it so I wanted to see where he got his talent from. I did research of him and he had seems like he lived a cool and crazy life.

Favorite Quote

"I'm not searching for myself or looking for my sound, ya'll. I found that a long time ago."

Why He Started to Sing

Its a family tradition. His dad sang before he had died. Now his son, Hank the 3rd, is a singer and hopefully it will still be passed on from generation to generation

My Research Questions

Q1: He had no effect on society

Q2: He is a really famous singer

Q3: He tried to commit suicide

Q4: Famous, Caring, Handsome

Q5: He almost died through his life time with committing suicide and had a mountain climbing accident

Q6: My dad introduced his son to me and I wanted to see where he came from

Q7: He has had over 20 music awards

Q8:That he died on my birthday