The study of Dentistry

"Keep on Brushing"


"Keep on Brushing", doctor Leigh Mcglelland said." Brushing is the most important part in a persons hygiene" .

Famous Dentist tools

Have you ever been scared to go to the dentist, because of all the scary tools. Well back then tools were a lot scarier. The Bow Drill, Dental Pelican, and the Secatuers were all tools used In the 1700's.

1.The Bow Drill-used to help create fire to penetrate your teeth.

2.The Oral Spectrum -used to open up your teeth and search for cavity's.

3.The Secateurs-it locked on, and wrenched out the entire tooth just above the gum line.

The science behind Dentistry

I bet you have wondered, who came up with Dentistry? Well I have an answer.17th century French Physician Pierre Fauchard. He is also called "The Father of Dentistry",and was the brains behind all procedures still used today!

Famous Dentist

1870-John Henry

1960-Edgar Buchanan


All these people are best known for being great Dentist, and for creating new procedures.