Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances

By: John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle

Fun Facts

-Young adult fiction

-Published on October 2, 2008

-3.9 out of 5 Goodreads

-4.4 out of 5 Barnes and Noble

-352 pages


Tobin- Tobin is a fun, outgoing guy that loved his bestfriends. At the beginning of the novel he didn't show any interest in The Duke, but little things he did gave you hints. They way they described the way he looked at her, talked, and just enjoyed being with her made you think. Then when he finds out that there is a whole cheerleading squad stuck at the Waffle house he goes crazy. Tobin turns out confessing his feelings for the Duke around 5 am on Chritmas morning! And from the start you thought that he would have ended up with one of the cheerleaders at The Waffle House.

JP- JP is just they guy that is layed back and doesn't play a huge role in the book. He is the funny, make a joke of everything friend especially when he finds out about Tobin and The Duke.

The Duke- The Duke is actually a girl and they only girl in their friend group. She got her nickname from the gas station. When someone called her Duke, at the Duke and Dutches gas station, and it just stuck ever since. She isn't the really girly type and usually just looked at like one of the guys. That is why she never thought that Tobin would think of her as more than a friend. But when he finally told her he had feelings for her infront of The Waffle House she was so happy.

Kaun- Kaun is just the guy that made everything happen. If it weren't for him interepting their James Bond movie marathon Tobin and The Duke wouldn't have fallin for eachother and they would not have had all of their crazy adventures.

Famous Quotes

“...being in a bad mood with your friends beats being in a bad mood without them.”
John Green, Let It Snow

“If by that you mean that I dislike celebrity magazines, prefer food to anorexia, refuse to watch TV shows about models, and hate the color pink, then yes. I am proud to be not really a girl.”
John Green, Let It Snow

“You should never give up a happy middle in the hopes of a happy ending, because there is no such thing as happy ending. There is so much to lose.”
John Green, Let It Snow

“Once you think a thought, it is extremely difficult to unthink it. And I had thought the thought.”
John Green, Let It Snow