Chpt.11:Lesson2~Changes in Motion

By: Mandi Miller


Momentum is the combination of mass and speed of an object.Ex: A paper airplane flying and a real airplane flying the real airplane will go farther because it has more mass.


Gravity is a force that keeps you from not floating in to space. Ex: If you take off your shoes and set them on a rug gravity keeps then from not floating around.


Weightlessness is were you feel like you weigh as much as a feather.Ex: Like when your riding a fair ride and it brings you to the top slowly then fall to the bottom really fast you feel weightlessness.

Newton's Laws of Motion

2nd Law: If you are bowling the bowling ball will knock down the pins.Ex: If you roll a ping pong ball down a bowling lane it will not knock over anything because a ping pong does not have alot of mass.3rd Law: If you jump on a trampoline the action-reaction forces will push you up.Ex: When you bounce on the trampoline and go down the force brings you up in the air.