The Book of Love

Lynn Weingarten

Book Review by Tykeria Steen

How would you feel if you were a teenage girl free from the pain of heartbreak? If your reaction was positive in any way then The Book Of Love is for you. You might easily relate to the main character Lucy who was given everything she thought she wanted. Lucy had transformed from a girl who was shy with a sensitive heart who was hopelessly losing in the search for love . To a fierce , headstrong girl with an unbreakable heart. And not only that but she was also given 3 sisters to help guide her through her new found power.

Lucy had an unbreakable heart , she had the power to know when people were in love or had the potential to be , she also had the power to basically force love onto people. The down side to all of the power and beauty was that she had to keep it all a secret from her best friend Tristan who's heart she had broken. Aside from that twist she finds out that her " sisters " have secrets of their own and as the story progresses Lucy finds out that the life she has isn't the one she thought it'd be.

The book is beautifully written and a good read for teens.

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