North American Indians

By Michael Houseman

Broad Topic

The Americas Indians

Who, When, and Why

Who were the North American Indians. In North America the Indians had many different group. Most of these Indian civilizations where located in due to the rich soil and all the animals that lived in the plains.

When did the Indians come to North America? There is two different times that historians think they could have came. Some believe that they came to North America at time from 15,000-17,000 years ago. Some think that they came anywhere from 20,000-40,000 years ago. #vintage

Why did the Indians come to America. Indians came from Africa, Europe, or Asia because they crossed the land bridge that connected Russia and Alaska. They also came in three big waves new data shows. No one really knows why they came to America but my guess is that they followed migration routes of animals and it lead them to the land bridge. #confussed

Why my topic is important

My topic is important because it's how the first people got to America and if the Europeans were right for invading this land. If the Europeans invaded the Americas when the Indians were there for only 15,000-17,000 years it some how makes it okay because their civilization was young and not developed. If that is how you justified killing almost an entire race than in the history books if America was invaded that means that it is justified because we are a young civilization. 15,000 years is a very long time at the minimum of how long some historians say they were here for. To put it into perspective Columbus ,the first European to find America, found the Americas only 524 years ago. While the Indians were there for about 28 times longer than this. Europeans were cruel to them. The Europeans killed many Indians in North America from either fighting but mainly from diseases. They than tricked them into signing many treaties that took away their land. We gave them tiny reservations in America. We gave them a total of 56,200,000 acres in all. America has 2.3 billion acres. The Indians got 2% of all the land in they original land they had before. I think that the Indians were an advanced civilization and that the Europeans were villains. #IndianLivesMatter
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