What boils before?

water or water with some substance

Background research

  • Water: H2o

    Density: 999.97 kg / m³

  • Salt: it has sodium chloride and the chemical formula is: NaCl

    Density: 2200 kg/m³

  • Sugar: it has saccharose and the chemical formula is: C12H22O11

    Density: 1587 kg/m³

  • Soy: soy and most soy products contain a class called phytoestrogens (lectin)


We think that the plain water will boil before than the water with any of the other substance. Because we supose that if we add any other substance, it will take longer to boil.


The main components:

  1. Water
  2. Salt
  3. Sugar
  4. Soy

Other elements:

1. Cooking pot

2. Ladle

3. Measuring pot

In this experiment, we picked the 4 main components. We used the same cooking pot every time we did the experiment, so the measures are always the same. We introduced 350ml of plain water on the cooking pot every time that we did the experiment. When we test it with water and another substance, we filled all the ladle with the substance we needed to do the experiment, and we add it to the cooking pot. We boiled everything at the same temperature. To test it we used our phones as a chronometer and we calculated the time it took to every mixture to boil.

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We have tested that our hypothesis is true. Because the plain water boliled before than the water with any other substances. And we also saw that the one which boiled the slowest was the water with salt.

Andrea Díaz, Carla Penella, Andrea Fernández 3r B