TAC Parents Monthly Bulletin

October 2019

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TAC Community Service Activities

TAC community service activities for 2019-2020 started in full swing. Our academic support program, which is aimed at the students of our sister school, Hasan Karamehmet Elementary School, which consists of 10 different courses offered for 4 days a week, drew large participation. Approximately 100 students and their parents attended the opening meeting and 11 IB students led the orientation. Our academic support program, which keeps our students' interest alive in the community that they live in, will continue this year.

Community Service

Hasan Karamehmet students are learning and having fun. In the mathematics lesson, they learned about multiplication and numerical patterns.

Music in TAC

Music has always played an important role in the life of TAC students. Our 9th grade students are playing ukulele in music class ...

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The Success of our Table Tennis Team

The students who participated in the “Table Tennis Tournament” held in Mersin on 5-6 October 2019 successfully represented our school. Our students Boran E. and Kaan E. won the second place medal. We congratulate our students and wish them continued success.

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Parent-Teacher Association Elections

TAC Parent-Teacher Association elections for 2019-2020 were completed. We congratulate the new PTA and wish them a rewarding year.

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Amateur Sports Week Handball Tournament

At the Amateur Sports Week Handball Tournament held in Mersin on 9-17 October, the TAC team won the game against Davultepe MTA High School with a score of 16-7.

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Mein Körper

In their German lessons, our grade 9 students drew bodies in different forms and wrote the parts of the body; They dressed these bodies in different colors and styles, decorating their projects. The students were involved in group projects enhancing and building on what they learned under the unit “MEIN KÖRPER” during 2018-2019 academic year with new vocabulary and active learning. After presenting their projects in the classroom, they hung them on the walls of the classroom and the corridor. In this activity, students improved their research and groupwork skills.

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College Day

International University Counseling office will host its annual College Day event on Wednesday, October 9th. The biggest in TAC history, this year’s College Day will give the students the opportunity to be introduced to 28 universities. This is a great opportunity for our students to make connections with university representatives and gather information on admissions requirements, academic and social offerings, and career opportunities.

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Boarding Students Take a Trip to the Mountain House

Various activities are organized outside of campus on the weekend to support the well-rounded education of boarding students helping them socialize and have fun. This weekend, our boarding students who went to the school’s mountain house in Namrun had a pleasant time.

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Welcome Gathering of TAC Alumni Association

The annual welcome gathering of TAC Alumni Association for this year’s new teachers was held today at TAC’s House in Namrun. Our teachers had a great time with our graduates and had their first introduction to local delicacies. We thank the TAC Alumni Association for their invitation and preparations.

The Historic Mansion Meets with the Tarsus Community in its First Exhibition

Tarsus American College’s Sadik Pasha Mansion, newly renovated by the Health and Education Foundation (SEV) as a gift to Tarsus, hosted its first exhibition. The exhibition hall of the historic mansion opened its doors to the viewers with a mixed exhibition of sculptures of Nihat Arıkan and paintings of Dorothea Atalay. Tarsus Mayor Haluk Bozdoğan also attended the opening of the exhibition.

Sadik Pasha Mansion of Tarsus American College, newly renovated by the Health and Education Foundation (SEV) as a gift to Tarsus, met with the Tarsus public with an impressive exhibition. The exhibition hall was opened to use with a mixed exhibition of sculptures of Nihat Arıkan and paintings of Dorothea Atalay.

Inspiring Exhibition at the Historic Mansion

Present at the opening exhibition, which combines the fascinating historical atmosphere of the exhibition hall with the valuable works of contemporary artists were Tarsus Mayor Haluk Bozdoğan, TAC Alumni Association President Ramazan Dinçer, Tarsus City Council Chairman Ali Cerrahoğlu, Tarsus American College Principal Ahu Arslan, Tarsus SEV Secondary School Principal Ayfer Aydın, Tarsus SEV Elementary School Principal Çiğdem Özyürekoğlu, representatives of the non-governmental organizations and arts enthusiasts in Tarsus.

Support of the Tarsus Municipality

At the opening of the exhibition, which was dedicated in thanks for the great efforts of Mr. Nihat Taner, TAC’68 graduate who is a NGO volunteer, music recital by the cello and violin duo from AKOB (Mediterranean Opera and Ballet Association) was well-enjoyed by the audience.

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Oktoberfest Celebration at TAC

The 10th traditional TAC Oktoberfest celebration of TAC took place on October 16, 2019. The event started with “TRESOR-KNAKCKER” competition organized by İzmir DAS-AKADEMIE. Before the competition, we took our guests to a tour of the Sadık Paşa Foyer Area where they were impressed by the artwork on display in the student art exhibition. Then the preparations started at the Stickler Auditorium and the students who arrived in the Auditorium way were divided into two groups. The stiff competition featured different kinds of activities and the excited winners received their awards at the end. The Oktoberfest desks and displays which were set up in front of the Stickler Auditorium and the building included staples of German culture and food items. Oktoberfest energy was felt in the cafeteria decor and even in the school bell during the day, with students dancing to the bell tone. Special Oktoberfest menu at the cafeteria included sausages, potato salad, baked red cabbage salad and ”Berliner” dessert. All of these efforts aimed to bring students a closer exposure and appreciation of the German culture.

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IB Presentation on 10 October 2019

The first presentation of the IB program this year, addressing Prep, Grades 9 and 10 parents, was facilitated by Hakan Sapmazlı, International Baccalaureate (IB) Coordinator on Thursday, October 10. In the presentation, the parents were informed about the mission, objectives and the content of the IB program as well as the practices in our school. The presentation, which also answered questions from parents, will be repeated on Saturday, December 21, 2019.

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Enjoy the Halloween with our Collection of Spooky Books!

There are many books for you to choose from in this library. In the “Halloween” corner of the library, you can check out spooky books and enjoy pumpkin candies.

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Silifke Özlem School Visits TAC

Silifke Özlem School administrators and 5-8. school presentation was made for the students in the first grade. The program started with the TAC promotional film at the Stickler Auditorium. Duygu Gülev continued with the speech. Then the program continued in the form of questions and answers after the school tour was completed. The importance of the second foreign language, IB program, national programs, community service by drawing attention to many topics such as hope that we help them to become citizens of the world, we wish success.

Rare Turkish Souvenir Handkerchief Exhibition is held in Tarsus at TAC

The exhibition of silk handkerchiefs, Turkey's only and one of the world's few, met with the art aficionados in Çukurova. H. Oğuz Aydemir's collection was open to visitors at Tarsus American College’s Sadık Pasha Mansion between November 1-7, 2019. Looking at the silk handkerchiefs dating back to 100 years ago, the visitors also were the witnesses of a century-old history.

The exhibition titled “Souvenir Handkerchiefs, a Historical Means of Communication” which contained pieces from the personal collection of H. Oğuz Aydemir, TAC’s 1969 graduate, opened on Friday, November 1, 2019.

Oğuz Aydemir’s passion for this collection, which started with his buying a silk handkerchief which was printed to mark the 1877 Turkish-Greek War in an antique shop in 1975 now holds the privilege of being the only in Turkey and one of the few in the world.

The exhibition which include 50 handkerchiefs from around of the world are also chronicles of a remarkable history. The visitors go on a historical journey as they study each handkerchief in their frame on the wall, most dating back to the First World War Period, which are historical artefacts in their own right reflecting the mindset of the country and the period in which they were printed.

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MIMESIS Club students perform a Drama Performance for Sister School Students.

An excellent drama performance written and produced by TAC Mimesis Club and IB students was presented to Hasan Karamehmet grade 3 and 4 students. The performance titled as “Evil Witch and the Good-Hearted Toys” talks about the fight between an evil witch and how good-hearted toys are trying to protect their village. The Impressive narration was strengthened with colorful costumes and a glittering setting. At the end of the performance, almost 70 students who watched the performance created long lines to be able to shoot a photo with the characters in the drama. We would like to congratulate MIMESIS Club and IB students.

Certificate Ceremony for Peer Counselors

The traditional certificate ceremony for TAC’s new peer counselors was held on 10 October 2019 in the Student Lounge. After presenting their certificates, Headmaster Mr. JT Rehill, Principal Ms. Ahu Arslan and the teachers of the guidance counselors who facilitated the training shared snapshots with the students.

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TAC Students Meet with Didem Ün Ateş to Talk AI

On Wednesday October 30, student members of high school technology clubs in Health and Education Foundation schools had an online meeting with Didem Ün Ateş, a long-time professional in artificial intelligence.

The conference which was hosted by Üsküdar American Academy, was joined by students from Tarsus American College, American Collegiate Institute and SEV American College through Skype. Students had the opportunity to learn about the software industry and projects from a specialist in their field.

Didem Ün Ateş, who greeted all the schools started her presentation titled “Artificial Intelligence & You”. Referring to her work in Microsoft, Ateş provided valuable information to students about the future of artificial intelligence.

TAC students who watched the live presentation presented Didem Ün Ateş many questions.

Didem Ün Ateş, a graduate of Üsküdar American High School, also worked as a senior executive at Microsoft.

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