Kids Quitting Sports

The Real Reasons Kids are Dropping Out of Sports

Kids are Quitting Sports and the Numbers Prove it

In the past years the number of inactive children ages 6-17 has risen from 17 to 19 percent in the past few years, so how are the participation numbers of kids playing sports doing. Well you could probably predict that the number of kids participating in tackle football has went down, considering all of the problems in the NFL, and the concussion debate. But the participation in Pop Warner football from 2013 to 2014 has dropped 9.5% (Fainaru, Fainaru-Wada.) Baseball has been another sport that in the last 5 years has had trouble hooking kids on the sport. Participation in Little League baseball has dropped 7.2 percent from 2008 to 2012 (Jessop.) Only 30% of kids continue playing sports past middle school, and with the trend of the data decreasing over the years, youth sports may be in trouble in the future.

Participation Decrease in Youth Sports

Out of the millions of kids that start playing sports only 37% of boys continue on to play at the high school level (Kelley). Why are so many kids quitting? Well to start 68% of kids say that their parents start a conversation about a recent practice or game at least every other day. Many kids feel like they loose ownership in their sport to there parents. Like when they say "We scored a goal." Instead of "You scored a goal." But some other reasons are because the sport isn't fun anymore, or they have a bad coach. Or maybe even because they'd rather work on their school work to get better grades.

Big Question and Other Questions

My big question was "Why are Kids are Quitting Sports?" One of my smaller questions is "How Many Kids are Quitting Sports"? And my last question is "What age are most kids quitting sports?"
"Parents Ruin Youth Sports by Obsessing About Winning"

Parents are ruining youth sports, and causing kids to quit