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October 2018 Calendar

Important Notice

There will be no school for grades 6-12 on Thursday, October 18th in order for all secondary teachers to attend Summit training in Wichita. This day will be made up on Friday, April 5th, which is actually a day of the middle school and high school field trip to Denver. This change will not affect the grade school calendar in any way.

ACT News

The Kansas Legislature appropriated funds for a statewide contract to provide one free ACT assessment to all high school juniors and any seniors who haven’t had the opportunity to take it. The test date will be Wednesday, February 20, 2019. FHS will be making arrangements for students to take advantage of this opportunity.

Homecoming Royalty Crowned

Saul Medina and Jackie De La Torre were crowned Fall 2018 Homecoming King and Queen. The other candidates were Jurney Bird, Savannah Bollinger, Alexa Snook, and Kambrey Weber.

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Student Councils Elected

Congratulations to the students who are representing their classes in Student Council this year. Over the summer, high school StuCo officers met with administration to discuss policy changes. They also planned and completed all of the homecoming festivities for fall of 2018. Middle School StuCo has generated ideas for special activities including a pumpkin carving party, winter party with service project, and Super Bowl party.

High School StuCo:

Savannah Bollinger, President

Saul Medina, Vice President

Kambrey Weber, Secretary

Caleb Heinz, Treasurer

Alexa Snook, Senior Rep

Hannah Masri, Junior Rep

Oscar Teran, Sophomore Rep

Charlie Littlewood, Freshman Rep

Middle School StuCo:

Jacelyn Huelskamp, President

Lexus Shelby, Vice President

Abby Zortman, Secretary

Wyatt Ellis, 8th Grade Rep

James Littlewood, 7th Grade Rep

Veronica Garcia, 6th Grade Rep

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Spotlight on Internships - Kambrey Weber

One belief in our school redesign is that internships help prepare students for their post-secondary plans. Therefore, internships are now a graduation requirement at Fowler High School. Kambrey Weber, senior, is interested in photography and graphic design. She is completing her internship at the City of Fowler and USD 225. At the city she is updating their website, creating a Facebook page for them, and designing graphics for seasonal posts. For USD 225, so far she has analyzed the school website and presented her recommendations to the principal. She will be entrusted with access to the website platform to implement her ideas, including better graphics and photos, updated information, and teacher bios. We're excited for Kambrey to have this opportunity for hands-on learning and application in the area she is interested in!
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Spotlight on Exchange Students - Hannah Masri

Hannah Masri joins us this year from Brazil. Her host parents are Randy and Lisa Tatro. Hannah chose to become a foreign exchange student because she knows it is good to take advantage of opportunities and take chances. She hopes this experience will create a spark about what she wants to do later in life and expose her to new ideas for career options.

Hannah has enjoyed the kindness of the people of Fowler. She observes that our students are accepting and not mean. She originally hoped to go to a large city, but now realizes that this is a great environment for her. Hannah's biggest challenge at school this year has been math. In Brazil students take 4 years of integrated math rather than single years of single subjects, such as algebra, geometry, etc. Also, math class in Fowler involves a lot of application and inquiry which she is not used to, but is starting to become more comfortable with. When asked about what she likes/dislikes, Hannah shared that she thinks oatmeal is disgusting.

Hannah recently generated an idea to post encouraging quotes for the student body and will volunteer her time to update the bulletin board every 2 weeks. We appreciate her willingness to jump right in and influence our school in a positive way. Welcome to Fowler, Hannah!
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Frequently Asked Questions about the Summit Learning Platform

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the Summit Learning Platform. As always, should you have a question or concern please contact the school to discuss with Mr. Bollinger and Mrs. McDowell.

My student is frustrated.

  • We acknowledge this feeling in our students. It is a normal part of the learning process, especially in starting something new.

  • One part of the new program is learning positive habits and dealing with stress.

  • It is okay to struggle in the learning process because it leads to growth, but we’re also mindful that we don’t want the struggle to stop productivity. This is why the mentoring program is key. Students are able to process their feelings and set realistic goals with their mentor.

My student is not making progress in focus areas.

  • This is a new system. It is more rigorous than students are accustomed to. Students are shifting from memorizing information to applying it, which will lead to a greater understanding of content.

  • Focus areas are not graded until they are mastered.

  • As the process identifies areas of struggle, teachers will offer workshops. Workshops are mini-lessons that target a specific skill.

  • Focus Fridays are available every Friday from 9:00-11:00 for extra help.

  • SDL Focus Groups will be offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4:00-5:30 during Aspire.

  • Parents can monitor progress through the Summit Platform. Contact the HS office for your parent login information.

My student doesn’t know how to get help.

  • Students can express their need for help in several ways:

    • Put their name in the “Help Request” column in the learning lab.

    • E-mail or talk to the subject matter teacher directly.

    • Share with their mentor during their weekly meeting and develop a plan.

    • Attend Focus Friday.

My student doesn’t understand how they are graded.

  • Projects have steps, or checkpoints, throughout the process that help them receive feedback on the quality of their performance. Upon completion of the final product, they will receive a grade. Projects can take several weeks to complete. Even after completing the project, students can improve their grade by making edits based on the feedback received from the teacher.

  • Focus areas receive credit when completed. If a student has not yet passed a focus area, it is not yet included in their grade.

My student wants to work on Summit outside of school time.

  • Students are allowed to work on their projects and focus areas outside of school.

  • Students may not take content assessments outside of school because assessments have to be monitored.

  • We ask that parents be involved in monitoring at home work to help students to stay focused on their tasks.

I am concerned that in another town, a link to a resource presented an ad that when clicked, went to an inappropriate site.

  • The Summit resource was not inappropriate, but the ad that popped up could lead to inappropriate content.

  • This was in another town and did not affect us directly, but Summit has fixed the issue and is currently re-vetting all of their resources.

  • We do have filters set up with our devices and our devices are locked, meaning the devices are filtered even when outside of our building.

  • We also have additional monitoring software that provides alerts to content and also allows the principal the ability to check student devices at any time.

  • We actively monitor our learning areas and classrooms and encourage parents to do the same when their students are working at home.

  • Summit learning constantly reviews, vets and updates links. Our teachers also review the resources in their subject matter.

With that said, and as we do the best we can, there is no guarantee that every bad thing can be blocked in the internet age. Not everything can be prevented. The best recipe for success is that we constantly review and monitor our students and children as educators and parents. At school and at home. Please communicate with your children about internet safety.

Thank you.

Mr. Bollinger

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The Leader in Me

Our new social-emotional program is off to an exciting start! Currently, students are servings as greeters in the morning before school, and the Lighthouse Leadership Council has been newly elected. 7 habits theme songs and encouraging announcements kick-start our day. Students are learning to record data about their attendance and academics in their Leadership Notebooks, and our school is fully on track to meet our Wildly Important Goal for the first quarter. We are putting the finishing touches on our school banner and the frames for our class photos which will brighten up our main hallway. In addition, this month you will begin to see additional opportunities for students to serve in a wider variety of leadership roles throughout the school. Information about the habit we are studying this month is shared below. Teachers and students are loving "The Leader in Me" program!

Habit 1 - Be Proactive

So far this year students have been learning about paradigms and principles. A paradigm is the way you see a situation. It is the source from which your attitudes and behaviors flow. If you can shift the way a person sees something, you may change their attitude or behavior. Often the way we see a problem is the problem. Principles are guidelines for human conduct that are proven to have enduring, permanent value. Principles include honesty, growth, patience, and work ethic. Because the 7 habits are based on principles, they become the basis of a person's character. (Stephen R. Covey)

This month students will begin learning about the first habit- Be Proactive- in more detail. Being proactive means that we are responsible for our own lives. Our behavior is a function of our decisions, not our conditions. We can be happy and accept those things that at present we can't control, while we focus our efforts on the things that we can.

Here is a kid-friendly description of the first habit:

Habit 1: Be Proactive

I am a responsible person.

I take initiative.

I choose my actions, attitudes, and moods.

I do not blame others for my mistakes.

I can only be offended if I choose to be.

You can reinforce what your child is learning at school by using the phrases above in your home.

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Lighthouse Leadership Council

As part of "The Leader in Me" program, students were elected by their peers to serve on this council. Council members will help problem solve issues that arise at school, such as recess problems, help with interviewing their peers for school-wide leadership roles, and serve as school ambassadors. Pictured left to right:

Landon Bollinger, President

Eliana Zortman, Vice President

Class Representatives- Micah McDowell, 5th; Jacob McNemer, 4th; Bobby Littlewood, 3rd; Beau Swope, 2nd; Carlie Bartlett, 1st; & Charles Gainey, Kindergarten.

*Abby Cunningham will serve as 1st grade representative during 2nd semester.


Fall sports teams:

High School Cross Country

Elijah Zortman

Coach: Mr. Taylor Bollinger

High School Football

Charlie Littlewood

Felipe Granados

Alex De La Torre

Oscar Teran

David Hewitt

Daniel Garcia

Taein Nam

Darien De La Torre

Blaze Bilodeau

Alejandro Arnillas

Saul Medina

Emie Carrillo

Coach: Mr. Craig Maynard

Assistant Coach: Mr. Drew Glenn

Junior High Football

James Littlewood

Jimmy Fink

High School Volleyball

Avery Bollinger

Odalis Castillo

Hailey Ellis

Morgan Durbin

Hannah Masri

Sydney Bollinger

Kambrey Weber

Alexa Snook

Savannah Bollinger

Manager: Logen Black

Coach: Mr. Jeff Bollinger

Junior High Volleyball

Shaylin Garcia

Ryleigh Foster

Joselyn Romesburg

Kimberly Velez-Prieto

Jacelyn Huelskamp

Abby Zortman

Veronica Garcia

Olivia Durbin

Lexus Shelby

Kiera Holt

Willow Juenemann

Coach: Mrs. Corri McDowell

High School Cheer

Kenzie Anderson

Avery Bollinger

Jackie De La Torre

Morgan Durbin

Hailey Ellis

Jackie Hewitt

Angelica Mendoza

Odalis Castillo

Jahim Ross

Coach: Mrs. Lisa Tatro

Junior High Cheer

Kayla Allen

Jayden Bartlett

Olivia Durbin

Veronica Garcia

Kiera Holt

Danny McLachlan

Lexus Shelby

Lily Hankins

Jacelyn Huelskamp

James LIttlewood

Ethan Boese

Ryleigh Foster

Shaylin Garcia

Samanta Granados

Joselyn Romesburg

Damian Teran

Kimbery Velez-Prieto

Coach: Mrs. Erica Littlewood-Rarden

Good Luck Scholars' Bowl

Good luck High School Scholars' Bowl as you begin your season on October 22nd.

MONTH IN REVIEW - Our Experiences

Mrs. Federau - Guest Presenter at K-State

On September 11, Cheyenne Federau taught a few lessons of the CASE Intro to Food and Natural Resources course to college students at Kansas State. CASE (Curriculum for Agriculture Science Educators) was designed to incorporate more science into agriculture education, while challenging students using inquiry and project based learning.

Because the CASE platform in so in depth, teachers must be trained to teach the curriculum. Mrs. Federau attended her CASE training for AFNR during the summer of 2017 in Minnesota; she uses this resource for her Intro to Ag classes. The last two years, Kansas State had trained their ag ed students the semester before they student teach to help prepare them for the classroom. Mrs. Federau was asked to help train these future teachers, and thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to give back to the ag ed profession.

Fowler High School is proud of Mrs. Federau for her leadership and for representing our school in this way!

Day of Service

Civic engagement is another component of the school redesign plan. 37 students aged 4th-8th grade participated in the Day of Service on September 15th. Students completed community service projects at the city park, residential care center, and school. Thank you students and adult volunteers for your service!

1st-5th Grade Field Trip to the Kansas State Fair

Homecoming Festivities

Thank you to the high school StuCo, Booster Club, cheerleaders, teachers, and community members for making homecoming week extra special for our students!
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Brush Therapy

Several teachers took advantage of a relaxing evening together socializing and making decorations for their classrooms.
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