Señora Mills’ Spanish 1 Tigers

Weekly Newsletter

Weekly Update 1/31/16

The Spanish 1 students have been learning about families and how to describe people this past week. As we wrap up the unit this week, the students have been working toward writing and describing people in Spanish. On Thursday and Friday, they will be completing their summative, which is a written paragraph in Spanish describing their family. There will also be a comprehension section on Friday.

Students should be starting to think about who they are describing and how they will be describing them. It is a daunting task for students to think that they can write a paragraph (or two) in Spanish, but I know that they can do it! All writing for the summative will happen during class.

Coming to a Spanish class near you!

  • Unit 3A Descriptive Adjectives Formative - moved to Tuesday, February 2nd
  • Unit 3A Summative - moved to February 4th (rough draft) and 5th (final draft and comprehension)

Curriculum Corner

Unit 3A

  • Vocabulary: family and descriptive adjectives (including colors)
  • Grammar - Using adjectives in Spanish

Your student needs to study these words 5 minutes each day!

Instagram Challenge!

If you spot Spanish being used out in the "real world", post it on Instagram and tag me in it!

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Class Needs

To help meet the needs of all students in the class, I am always looking for some basic school supplies to be shared in class. If you are able to, please send one of these items with your child. I would greatly appreciate it!

  • Tissues
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Expo dry erase markers
  • Paper plates
  • Paper cups