A Challenging Life

Being successful in the middle of lifes challenges

Let's make a list:

1) Mom dies before she knows her.

2) Dad remarries a woman who doesn't think she is worth an education
3) Her family is looked down on because mom had another kid from an affair

4) She falls in love with a married man

5) Dad disowns her because he doesn't approve

6) Sister commits suicide

7) Losses 3 of her children

8) Finally gets married only to have the guy die 6 years later

9) She is impoverished

10)Her father-in-law doesn't like her

What can we learn from her...

Surround yourself with encouragement and let the negative float away. Use that encouragement to do what you love and are good at...but don't make the same mistakes she did (she isn't the most moral person)

Assignment Time

Option #1- Use an app of your choice to create an infographic that tells the story of Mary's unfortunate life story in picture or graph form. Some examples of apps/programs that you can use are (piktochart.com or mindomo.com) remember only free accounts and submit by turning in the url they create. Turn it in by clicking the button below.

Option #2- Choose a famous person (or someone you know) who also had a challenging life. Create a thinglink (at thinglink.com) and include their name and link short descriptions of the challenges they have overcome. Turn it in by clicking the button below and pasting the url from the thinglink.