Poetry Project

By: Kareem Abuqasem

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I Wish

I wish I had a Subaru Sti

I wish I had more time to play games

I wish I had a mansion

I wish I had my own airport

I wish I had a billion dollars

I wish I had a jet

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Far Far Away

There was a giant named Jay

Oh how much Jay loved to nay

But one day no one heard of Jay

Jay would always nay

A blind lion had heard jay

Jay loved the cat

He loved how he would roar when he nayed

But one day Jay had decided to Nay

That nay was the last he would say

The lion thought he was a horse

But the whole city had just gotten off course

Had the lion just ate Jay which would nay

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It was perfect

Its Rally Blue Pearl color

The golden BBS rims

That Hellaflush stance

The Growl of the engine like the roar of a lion

That perfect Sti