Curenton's Class News

Week of October 12, 2015

A Look at the Week and Month

  • In math we will begin working with attributes of two-dimensional figures.
  • In Science we will take the sprouts the students grew from a seed and transplant them into cups. Students will work together to make a maze for the plants to grow toward the sun. We will begin Wednesday studying the human skeleton and muscles.
  • In reading we are working on answering open ended questions.
  • We are on Unit 2 Week 2 in Fundations. We are learning about adding suffixes to words.
  • Students have been writing stories. Now we are beginning to revise and edit the stories.
  • Fun Run October 15 at Memorial Stadium at 10:15.

  • Friday October 16th Fall pictures.
  • Friday October 16 early release at 12:00.
  • October 26th and 27th no school
  • October 30th Fall Festival


Students will have homework Monday through Thursday, but will not have it on Friday. Their planners and folders will not come home on Friday so that I can prepare it for the next week.

I have sent the reading response log home with three questions in it. Students are to choose a book that will go with the questions. One question is to be answered a week. The three questions will be due on October 22nd.