5th Grade Science News

Mrs. Flowers

5th Grade Science News

Students spent last week learning about the respiratory system. This included an activity called "What do you breathe out?" Students observed that exhaling into a solution of bromothymol blue and water, adds carbon dioxide. This turns the solution greenish yellow. Mixing in fresh air changes the solution back to blue.
Yesterday, students made a model of the skeletal system and they have been discussing the different parts.
Later in the week they will begin to learn about the nervous system. This will include an activity that measures reaction time. Fun times!

Important Dates to Remember

November 17 - 21 - School Wide Book Fair
November 20 - Thanksgiving Dinner
November 24 - 28 - Thanksgiving Break
December 1 - Science Fair Project is Due

Please let me know if you have any questions about your student's project.