Welcome to Paris

Bienvenue à Paris


Are you wondering where to have a wonderful vacation? Paris is the place to be if you want to have an awe. You would have many things to look forward to if you went to Paris. There's fabulous boutiques, amazing restaurants, and famous landmarks. Your children will love the photographic experience and if you have any social media accounts such as Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter, get ready for new and improved posts to document your trip. You will have a wonderful time and you will never go hungry in this city. By the time you get back will get back you will have a new wardrobe and understand some words in the romantic langauge of French. We hope that you will consider this for your next vacation.


Paris offers many fashion opportunities from Chanel to Gucci and even Louis Vuitton there is no denying that this is one of the world's most popular fashion centrals. The new trend in Gucci is color from casual to business. Its definitely all the rage. Many models in the 2016 fashion show were wearing modern and rustic looking clothing by Chanel. Now the new Louis Vuitton has many combinations with a variety of styles, colors textures , and prints. As you can see Paris has much fashion to offer with all high end stores.


Have you ever wanted to try a macaroon, croissant, or baguette? From the classic restaurants, to the cute little patisseries , it's just like a fairy tale. You should start with the amazing Le Meurice ( Hotel Meurice) . They have beautiful dinning rooms with crystal chandlers in them for one thing. Their star dish of spit-roasted red whine marinated pigeon with cabbage and apple juice will satisfy any crowd. If meat and flavorings aren't your thing then you could try the patisseries. There is a patisserie you should love, Pain d 'Epis, which has some of the best baguettes in Paris. There is plenty of more patisseries like Poilane which has the best butter cookies around if you like those or want to try them. There are so many options that will leave you to amazed. The chefs are fabulous too. Some chefs to know include Raymond Blane, Alain Passard, and Paul Bocuse. We guarantee it will leave you wanting more. No matter if you want a classic french treat, or getting a special just for you. After eating anything like this, we can guarantee that your family wont be hungry.


Well, we hope to see you in Paris, France. After seeing all the highlights of Paris, from the historical sights, to the glamorous food, we know you will come back with memories and some stylish clothes on your way. You will be introduced to new countries and cultures. You can experience this classic city. It will introduce you also to the language of French which is one of most spoken languages in the world. The city of France is known as the 'city of love' if you partner as a vacation as well as a date. We hope you can experience this fabulous city.


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