By Jack Goddard

Lithium the element

Lithium's atomic number is 3, Its atomic weight is 6.94 and is abbreviated LI. Also It is in period two and family one making it an alkali metal. Its boiling point is 1347.0 C and its melting point is 180.54 C and is solid at room Temperature.
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About Lithium

Lithium is a alkali metal that is highly reactive and flammable. Lithium is used in batteries, and used as an emotional deppresent

Lithium atom

Lithium has one valence electron and normally gives it up to form a cation. It has three protons three electrons and four neutrons. Lithium also has two electron shells.

Lithium History

Lithium was discovered in 1817 by Johann Arfvedson. Its origin is from the Greek word lithos meaning stone


Lithium bonds with oxide and fluoride to create lithium oxide and Lithium Floride


Lithium batteries, you'll get a charge out of this one.