The Steller Sea Lion

Otherwise known as the Northern Sea Lion

Physical Description

An average adult male Steller Sea Lion is about 10-11 ft in length and weighs about 1, 250 lbs. Adult females are 7.5-9.5 ft and can weigh up to 770 lbs. They have bulging eyes and flat, square noses. They have long whiskers which assist them in navigating underwater and finding food. They have large front and rear flippers. When swimming, the ears will turn down so that water can't get in. They are usually light brown. Steller Sea Lions are very agressive when defending territory, and are constantly grumbling and roaring. They have a lot of blubber for insulation.


A Steller Sea Lion can be found in the North Pacific waters. A large portion of their population lives in Alaska, about 70t%. In Canada, there are three main rookeries, or breeding sites, in British Columbia. They prefer a region within 45 km from shore. They could live on rock shelves, ledges, boulders, and gravel or sand beaches.