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The American Revolution

Conflict Between Great Britain and Colonist

In the french and indian war the British won the war.

To get back some money England decided to pass the STAMP ACT where they wanted colonists to pay TAXES on printed materials like newspapers and playing cards.

the colonists had started to make their own decisions and refused to pay this TAX.So instead England passed the Townshend Acts.These laws put a tax on anything the colonists imported. The colonists refused to buy anything imported and the British government sent troops to try to scare the colonists.

American Independence

The year of the independence was the July 4,1776.


In the french and indian war the british won the war.

The boston tea party

first the british people were paying tax on the tea so the british threw the tea into the lake so king gore the 3 got mad and paid more tax.

Results of American Revolution

George Washington was one of the USA American Military. In 1775 the second continental congress met and name George Washington as their army leader to Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence where the colonist expressed why they needed to start their own government. one of the delegates there was James madison who became known as the father of the constitution because he took notes and had good ideas about the new government.