• I really don't have hobbies
  • I play video games
  • play soccer
  • I play football sometimes
  • drawing
  • painting
  • taking care of nephew


  • My favorite sport is soccer
  • I also like football
  • I also play basketball at the rec
  • I only watch soccer on TV
  • If my team or country is playing I will watch it
  • My favorite soccer team is Cruz Azul
  • my country is mexico


  • I have 4 siblings
  • 2 brothers and 2 sisters
  • i only live with my mom, brother and sister
  • my mom was born in mexico
  • everybody except my big brother was born in new York
  • I only 4 of my cousins
  • I love my family

favorite song movie book food or coor

  • my favorite song is loose yourself by Eminem
  • My favorite movie is Friday the thirteen I like all of the movies
  • MY Favorite book is diary of a wimpy kid that's the only thing i read
  • My favorite food is my moms food i love whatever she makes and i never dislike it
  • if it wasn't my moms food it would be spaghetti i love it
  • My favorite color is blue it goes good with anything
  • and green cause i like limes

childhood memory

  • My favorite childhood memory is when i first rode my bike
  • when i first swam this was actually like 3 years ago
  • when I passed fifth grade
  • went to mexico and fed the animals
  • when i was born
  • when i drank my first beer
  • when i first went to the toilet

family vacation

  • when we went to mexico for the first time i don't remember really
  • when I went to mexico and swam in a big pool
  • New York when I went to fun land its like adventure land
  • New York and swam in the ocean
  • Went to the beach in New York
  • went to adventure land in Iowa
  • went to the fair in mexico its only in February

family history

  • My parents were both born in mexico the city is tecomaclan
  • they had everybody except my big brother in New York
  • My moms mom was also born in mexico
  • I don't really know anything about my dad, his mom lives in mexico too.
  • my mom works at egg factory here
  • my dad works at a fruit factory
  • and my grandma runs a store by herself