Substance Use Disorder

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Do you know of someone that is taking a lot of depressants? This would include substances like Alcohol, Benzodiazepines, and Barbiturates. They may be suffering from a substance use disorder with depressants. If believe that you know someone that is then you need to contact our doctors and therapists for help. The longer that you wait the worst off they will be.

What is a substance use disorder with depressants?

A substance use disorder with depressants is when someone uses one or more substances which leads to a clinically significant impairment or distress. Depressants will slow the central nervous system. In moderate doses, they make people relaxed and somewhat sleepy, reduce concentration, and impair thinking, judgment, and motor skills. In heavy doses they can induce stupor or even cause death.

Do you know someone that is suffering from these symptoms?

Possible causes for substance abuse disorder with depressants

The causes of substance use problems aren't clear, although there are many factors that are thought to play a role. Heredity (genetics) appears to be involved, as the risk of substance use problems is higher for people with family members with these problems. A person's environment, such as school, work, friends, family, and cultural and religious beliefs, can also affect substance use problems.

Other mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression may also play a role. Substance use may also start when people try to manage unpleasant feelings and emotions (anger, stress, sadness). People who are subject to discrimination may also be at risk for substance use problems.

Fear not there is treatment out there for you

With the help of our doctors and therapists we are here to help you get over your substance use disorder. The first thing that we are going to is to have a full medical examination, physical, and get their family history if they know it. The treatment plan that we make for you will depend on the person’s needs and will take in consideration the severity of their problem, their support network, the desire or motivation to enter treatment. Treatment first with start with detoxification from the depressants that they are using. The goals is to gradually reduce the amount that they are using and use a medication that has less serious withdrawal symptoms. After the detoxification the next part will be to determine which treatment is best tailored for the multiple needs of the individual. It will either be counseling, behavioral therapies, and group programs that can help the individual address the addiction that they have.

Don't Wait Contact Us!!!!!!

Depressant addiction can be a long term problem and will last for years they will not go away on their own. It is the best to seek help as soon as you can because depressant addictions are a real illness and they are not a sign of weakness or poor character like some people believe. Since it is easy to overdo it with some of these drugs, the risk of accidental overdose is significant. Our doctors and therapists are here to help you so don’t be afraid to contact us for help. The longer you wait the worst off you will be I assure you.


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