Short Pump Middle School

By: Saketh A. and Kirthan G.

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Are there quality Classroms

Every Classroom has a window so our classroom can be filled with sunlight. If there was a power outage, it would still feel like the lights are on due to the sunlight shining through every window in the school. Also almost every classroom as either a Promethean board or projector. There is a desk for everyone. This might sound like an obvious thing but actually not every school can afford a desk for everyone In the classroom you have access to all types of books and materials. We have state of the art chemistry tools in our science labs/classrooms. We are able to do all kinds of experiments in the classroom. Our classrooms make the kids feel like they are involved in the topic. Clearly we have great classrooms.

Does SPMS support hands on learning?

At Short Pump Middle School we encourage the kids to be active in their learning. We support hands on learning. In clubs and classes the kids go on field trips so that they can experience what they are learning. Also our science classes do experiments depending on what they are learning. Also almost every class does some sort of partner project like our art students. The independent living students do cooking projects and they eat what they make. Our projects are normally fun and the kids learn a lot. Without a doubt we encourage hands on learning.

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Are there lots of clubs?

Our three main clubs are TSA Mr. Doolidge, FCCLA Mrs. Frolic, and FBLA Mrs Holley. TSA stands for Technology Student association,Tech students innovate in an after school extracurricular club that compete in stem oriented competitions and events. FCCLA stands for future community career leaders of America. In FCCLA the students do things to help our community like recycling. FBLA stands for future business leaders of America. The students learn about business and leadership.

What types of music is taught as an elective?

Short Pump Middle School teaches strings, chorus, and band. The band teacher is Mr. Swartz. Mr. Swartz teaches many instruments like drums, saxophone, trumpet, and clarinet. Also Mr. Swartz holds tryouts for a special jazz band. The jazz band plays at pep rallies, assemblies, and they go on field trips to play at other events and competitions. The strings teacher is Mrs. May. Our strings students placed first in a competition in Busch Gardens. The Chorus teacher is Mrs. Berry. The Chorus students also came in first placed in Bush Gardens.

What languages are taught?

At Short Pump middle school you choose to learn French or Spanish in 7th grade. The teacher for French is Mr. Wright. The teachers for Spanish are Señor Wininger and Senorita Patel. Senior Wininger is the Spanish teacher for 7th grade Which is Spanish Part A. Senorita Patel Is 8th grade or part B Spanish teacher. If you want to take Spanish in 8th grade you must take it in 7th grade because there is a Part A and Part B. All of our teachers can speak their language fluently. For 6th graders there is an elective called exploratory languages which is taught by MR. Wright. In this class the 6th graders learn a little about multiple languages.

Are there good Teachers?

We have one of a kind teachers. they are very intelligent and they all have unique ways of teaching children. They try to teach all kinds of students. Like people that are auditory learners they listen to the teacher talk. Visual learner power points, demonstrations and more. And for kinetic learners there are experiments. Kids well comforted and that someones got there back. That is why we have out of this world teachers.

What are the characteristics of the school?

We have a huge library filled with books. We have one of a kind cafeteria. We have windows so if there was a power outage we would still have lots of sunlight. coming in through the windows. The clinic is very talented and good. We are one of the schools to watch so we have lots of amazing things to get that award. We are one of the only schools with an amphitheater. As you can see the environment is amazing.

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What is the cafeteria like?

The cafeteria is also known as the commons because as soon as you walk in though the front door you walk into the cafeteria. We won the award for best food and most healthiest food two times. We problem have the biggest lunch room. The principle sometimes it's the news or a game. Usually when we are eating lunch. The principle puts the game or etc. on flat screen TV’s we have in the lunch room. We probably have the best lunch ladies in the state. We have nutritious food like fruits, milk, vegetables, etc. Clearly we have a great cafeteria.

Can you tell me about the clinic?

The clinic is very good. They have amazing equipment. They are very good at healing your body and helping you out. They are incredibly fast at noticing if there wrist, foot, ankle, etc. They first give you ice to put on the spot it hurts. Then after 40 minutes if it still hurts you go to the clinic. Then the nurse wraps your wrist so it will heal. As you can see we have an awesome clinic.

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What are the sports and how do you get on a team?

We have a a lot of sports to play in school. There are sports teams like track, tennis, football, soccer, baseball, softball, etc.

  • The soccer coach is Mr. Lane, he is also a P.E. teacher.

  • The tennis coach is Mrs. Suttle who is also the Life Science teacher.

  • The football coach is Mr. Conway, he is also an 8th grade teacher.

  • The track coach is Mr. and Mrs. Conway.

  • The softball coach is Mr.Ski and Mrs.McCarter, Mr.Ski is also the Social Studies teacher and Mrs. McCarter is the math teacher.

  • The basketball coach is Mr.Rettig which is a the 6th grade math teacher.

  • The baseball coach is also Mr.Rettig.

The sports are played according to the season. There are separate teams for boys and girls. To get on the team you must try out.