Child Labor in the Cocoa Industry

Laura, Thania, Evan, Nene, and Hanna

Child Labor

215 million children are working, and 115 million of these children are exposed to hazardous forms of child labor. Child labor in the cocoa industry has been called the "worst form of child labor". This labor is described as likely to harm the health, safety, or morals of children. It includes the use of hazardous tools and interferes with schooling. Child labor causes illiteracy and leads to a cycle of poverty.

We Can Help These Children!

How We Help

Our organization can help stop child labor! Many children have to work to support their families. Our organization helps poor families buy giving them animals like goats or chickens, these animals can make a huge difference. The family can sell the goats milk or the chickens eggs. Our organization also provides schools for children.

Our organization, Global Citizen

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