Power Of The Ice

By: Michael V.

Theses Statement

I believe we should have an ice cream bar at school two days a week because it only costs .50 cents, it supplies money for school, and most of all because students will work harder.

Why You Should Have A Ice Cream Bar At Your School

It also helps with everyday math you could do math to find .50+.50 equals $1.00. I also had two interviews. My question was “ Would you work harder if you eat all the ice cream or will you not eat the entire meal before eating ice cream?” The first interview was with Ammon. He replied “No because you should eat your ice cream whenever you want but yes for the variety of flavors.” The second interview was held with Mr. B. He replied “Yes because of the variety of flavors and because you have to eat it after your regular meal.” I also took a survey and 18 out of 19 students said yes. Now don't forget to ice cream bar will always be a good treat for students and teachers. Ice Cream bars are power!"

About The Writer

Hi i'm Michael V. writer and illustrator of Power Of The Ice and what I like doing outside of writing this book is sports, watching T.V. and going to the gym, going swimming, playing video games, and most of all playing basketball.