Vote YES For The Columbian Exchange

By: Paulina Church

What Is The Colubian Exchange?

The Columbian Exchange is were we trade goods either from America to Europe or from Europe to America.There are many positives and negatives to the Columbian Exchange. One positive is the horses that Europe gave to the Americas it is helpful because it helped with their hunting.Another positive is the food that the Americans taught the Europeans to grow.One last positive is the turkey, pumpkins, squash, and sweet potatoes is what makes up Thanksgiving.Some negatives are the potatoe fungus it once was a good meal but the fungus killed millions.Another negative is the slaves that the Europeans brought from west Africa.The last negative is the disease that the Europeans brought over to America, It killed millions.

Why Yes?

Yes there are a lot of negatives but there are also a lot of positives.Three positives are listed above.Europe gave us honeybees and who doesn't wan honey on their grits? One more positive is the vanilla that we gave away.Without vanilla we wouldn't be able to have ice cream and without ice cream we couldn't have pie alomode :(.One last and finale positive is bananas that we can cut up and eat for a healthy breakfast.This is why we should vote yes for the Colubian Exchange.