Mustang Minute

November 13, 2022


Schedule for the Week (11/14-11/18)


-All County Band


-Mascot Tryouts after school

-All County Band


-Drama Showcase

Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering at Pollard, please click on the link to see if one of the areas we have listed interests you. Included are the steps that a volunteer would need to complete to become approved. MBP is looking for a Year Book Supervisor, if you would like to be our Year Book's supervisor and collaborate with a great group of kids, please complete the form and we will reach out soon! The link has now been updated to include Year Book volunteer opportunities.

AIG News Letter

Our AIG Department is wanting to share with you what is going on in AIG. Click here to access the AIG News Letter.

Message from our Booster's Club

The Booster Club is proud to introduce our new website which Pollard families can use to request assistance, provide support, and learn more about the businesses who sponsor the school at

Message From the PTA

PTA Updates

**Be sure to add these dates to add to your calendar**


Do you dread the fundraising times when you are asked to sell chocolate? Wrapping paper? Popcorn?


So we have created the no fuss fundraiser! Click the link! Send the link! That is all of the effort we ask of you!!

The PTA funds school in school enrichment, classroom supplies, books and more!! Every donation helps our teachers!!!

*Interested in volunteering at Pollard????*

There are so many ways to get involved!!

**Tuesday November 8th, 11:00** Multipurpose Room

*Pollard Restaurant Night!!!*

Tuesday November 8th all day!

Who wants to cook after a day off?

Carolina Brewery Restaurant Night

120 Lowes Drive

Pittsboro, NC

5% of all proceeds donated to Pollard

Chatham County Schools Public Informations Office

*Strategic Planning, Forecasted Growth, Testing Data Information Meeting*

Thursday November 10th 6:30-7:30

Chatham Grove Elementary School


“Do you ever wonder where raised PTA funds go? MB Pollard PTA uses these funds to support school needs. Submitted requests by staff have begun this year and all thanks to your help we are able to fund them!

Recently, not so glamorous, but well appreciated lunch bins were funded through the special budget requests from the 6th Grade Team! The PTA is happy to lighten the 6th graders' loads with a place to drop their lunch in the morning!”


Exciting News! It is easier than ever to earn $$$ for the Pollard program of your choice when volunteering at the Thrift Shop.

Yes, the actual time that you are donating brings in more money than this for Pollard overall, so think of it like this: for every hour worked at the thrift shop, you are donating your time in exchange for a bit of money to go to the Pollard area of your choice AND a bit of money to the general PTA to help your school as a whole (this is how we fund classroom supplies & furniture, grade level programs, technology, supplemental educational material, and even reduced field trip costs).

So far this year, Band & Drama have hosted after hour Work Groups to bring in $$$ for their groups... don't you want to do the same for your area? Imagine having a FUN night of friends (+ a few adults, please) gathering to do light cleaning/organizing at the Thrift Shop while feeling good about giving back to the community as a whole AND earning $$$ for their favorite Pollard program (and did I mention having fun while you're doing it???)!!! No experience needed - a trained Supervisor leads every work group.

Don't wait for your program to host a Work Group though - come join ANY general work group and pick the program of your choice to receive your well earned $.
To view the current schedule and sign up today, please click:

If you would like to schedule a Work Group for your program or find out more information about hosting a Holiday Parade Float (in the Pittsboro Christmas Parade) or a Fashion Show that can earn up to $375 for your group, please contact Pollard's Thrift Shop Coordinator Emily Patterson at
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