Friday Focus

Amy Parks Heath Elementary

The Long Game Part 1: Why Leonardo DaVinci was no genius

Your Best is Still Yet to Come - Your Hero Opportunity

I hope there is relief in knowing that there is no expectation to be perfect and that each day that you meet with your teams to plan, in a plc to brainstorm or even in the hall to share ideas it is a chance for each of us to bring something to the table and to take something away from that meeting. We are a learning organization and that's what I love most about us.

My mom retired this year. She is the best educator- principal then superintendent that I've ever known. She is dearly loved and admired by many. Over the break we visited for a short time about work and she shared great stories of her teachers and students. When I asked her how she got to be so good she said -it took a long time.

Success isn't instant. We are all still growing. We are all in it for the long haul so we have to play the long game. Model that for your students --that you too are learning everyday!

Special Memento Art Project

Please look over the weekend and bring on Monday a picture you would like to replicate. The photo needs to be black and white but if you don't have black and white we can copy it here. Place your photo in ms Finan's box in an envelop with your name on it. Looking forward to being creative together and making something special.

Important Info For This Week

Monday Dec 7th -Hour of Code K-1/ PTo brd Meeting

Tuesday Dec. 8th-Hour of Code 2-6/ After school art class

Wednesday Dec. 9th- Book Fair Set Up

Thursday Dec. 10th - PTO Brkfst/ Phil Warrick to visit campus for PLc check in

Friday Dec. 11th- Board Member Linda Durant to visit campus and classrooms

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