Lineville Intermediate School

Technology Class

This year in technology we used many different programs and utilities to learn how to make projects and hopefully never again say "What does this button do?" These programs allowed us to not only learn about technology but have fun doing it. The programs had many different unique features to allow us to make different projects with every program.


iMovie was a program we used in the beginning of the year to help us learn about our new iPad's and how to make quality movies.

iMovie allows you to import still photos and video footage.

iMovie lets you upload music and sound effects to make your movie better and more exciting.


iTrailer allows you to choose a variety of trailer themes to make your trailer unique.

iTrailer makes preset places for words and different kinds of pictures.
iTrailer makes built in music depending on what theme you chooses.

In iTrailer you can add credits and back rounds to your trailer.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck lets you make multiple slides with different back rounds to make your story come to life.

Haiku Deck has photos that come right off the website or you can use your own.

Haiku Deck allows you to browse Haiku Decks made by others to get ideas and be entertained.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything lets you type and make arrows to point out certain things.

Explain Everything allows you to record your voice while making a project to help people better understand your project.

Explain Everything allows you to make many separate slides to make your project more categorized.

Go Animate

Go Animate allows you to make anything you want while animating.

In Go Animate you can add characters and back rounds and props to make an amazing animation

Also in Go Animate you can make your characters talk and do different actions in your animation.