Converse's Team Report, April 24

We are one team, with one mission, to be our best together!


  • No staff birthdays this week...
  • Congrats to the second grade teachers for another successful Wax Museum. The students did great! Thanks for all your efforts to help it run so smoothly.
  • Whitney attended an e-learning conference with me this week that was really good. Make sure to ask us about it, if interested. Thanks, Whitney, for going along!
  • Also, Tanya, Ann, Jamie T., Elizabeth and Teresa all went to an iPAD conference on Thursday. We are anxious to hear what you have to share with us! Thanks for going ladies.
  • A giant thanks goes out to the kdg teachers, Michelle Harvey, Karyn Tucci, Elaine Sweet, Judy Papai, Deb McFarland, Mary Nall, and Brandi Lenfesty for two successful kdg. round-up nights. I appreciate all the care for the kdgers and their parents. The new kdgers come so very excited that their enthusiasm lifts mine!
  • Enjoy some pictures below from the wax museum...

Team Announcements

Items in bold print are new to announcements.
  • 2nd grade track meet will be on Thursday, April 30th. Kdg. will need to do inside recess or use the gym.
  • The PCE Mothers' Day sale will be May 6th, 7th and 8th during lunch time.
  • Thanks to our wonderful parents and Converse Church of Christ, we will be celebrating all of you the first full week in May with the following: Monday-desserts, Tuesday-soups and sandwiches, Wednesday-breakfast, Thursday-appetizers, and Friday-an ice cream bar. I hope you feel the love and appreciation for all you do!
  • If Valree didn't get a copy of your midterms, please get her those as soon as you can.
  • If you don't finish mCLASS reading by the end of today, please let Valree know. Not a problem, we may be able to get you help. Thanks.
  • BUGS began last Monday. See me if you have any questions; otherwise, hold back the exterminators and bring on the BUGs!!!!
  • Teachers, please remind all your students about not propping the doors open when they go out to recess and, all staff, if you see them propped open PLEASE close them. Also, know we will continue our practice of leaving all outside doors and inside classroom doors locked from when you leave to the next morning when you arrive. Lastly, please make sure our outside doors latch when you enter as well as when you exit. I know many of them are not good to do that due to their age so I need you to be diligent in pushing them closed or listening for the "latching" sound. Thanks.

Team Focus

See the You Tube video below about technology "revolutionizing" education (or not???)

In light of our recent push for the use of technology, here is a nice video to remind us of the importance of the teacher and of social interactions when learning... Make sure to watch all the way to the end or you might miss the big message. (7 1/2 minutes in length)
This Will Revolutionize Education

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