The Best Planet In The Universe

P.S. : It's not Mars!! The aliens there are unsanitary.


physical features

Hello Aliens, my name is Nolan Hanks. I am an Earthling, and my background is a bunch of Cup Cakes. It is an Earth food. Any who... I'm here to write about three places you might want to go (on earth).

Opportunities and Challenges

Old Faithful


  1. Tourism. Get energy from it.


  1. Hot water that can be dangerous to people, hard to get there from Michigan

Mount Fuji


  1. Tourism
  2. Good place for homes
  3. Recreation


  1. Difficult to farm
  2. Dangerous, such as avalanches

The Marshall Islands


  1. Historical site
  2. Living and job opportunities
  3. Recreation and water sport options


  1. Hard place to live because it's an Island
  2. Not a lot of food variety or stores
  3. Tough to travel there

How People Regionalize the Earth

There are many ways that people rationalize the Earth, here are few.

  1. By direction, like North, East, South, and West.
  2. It can be divided into continents, such as Africa or Australia.
  3. Another way might be by countries, for instance, Germany or Scotland.

Packing List

You might want to bring a Flash Light, a Camper, a human disguise, and some climbing gear. clothes

you should visit...

Heart Which Pines, Lake Michigan.

If I were you I would visit...

Canada, Green Land, Mexico.


If you see something big and black don't touch it is a Black Bear. Watch out for bumps you might roll it your Ankle.