SAMR - Using Classroom Technology

For Grades K - 3 or Shared iPad Classrooms

SHPS Technology Integration Professional Development

April Coulter

Vanguard Teacher - 1306

Southern Highlands Preparatory School

Meeting Objectives

  • To deepen our overall understanding of classroom technology integration.
  • To generate discourse and share ideas on how to enhance and transform learning through the use of technology in our classrooms.
  • To familiarize ourselves with the SAMR model (what it means and why we use it)


  1. Video and discussion
  2. SAMR Model
  3. Sample lesson
  4. Explore time with apps (Padlet and Word Clouds)
  5. Setting goals (1:1 vs. shared iPads)
  6. Wrap up: Why SAMR?

Click the link below to watch the video "Introduction to the SAMR Model"

SAMR is how we go from enhancing learning to transforming learning using technolgy

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These two blogs below have some great ideas for using the iPad in a shared classroom

More Ideas for Moving up the SAMR LAdder

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Review the sample lesson below. How can this lesson be enhanced and transformed through technology integration?

Why is classroom technology important?

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