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January 2022


Announcing our November Terrific Tigers representing CARING! This month's deserving students are Jessica & Chase (grade 6), Antonio (grade 5), Mason & Thomas (grade 4), Emma & Jimmy (grade 3), Addy & Aiden (grade 2), Aubrey & Coltan (grade 1) and Maeve & Logan (kindergarten)! When you see them, please congratulate them on being such positive influences in our school family!

January's PAWS-itive Character Trait Is...


The PAWS-ITIVE Character Trait for the month of December is KINDNESS. Kind people are gentle and patient with those who need help.

Principal for a Day

Students with more than 100 Tiger Points were put into a drawing to be Principal for the Day. This month's winner is Kaylin Sullivan from Grade 3! She will spend a day as the Principal of the Day before the end of January! She will get to read the morning announcements, carry a radio, wear a name badge, visit with classes and sit in on meetings and shadow me for the rest of the day. I hope that the experience will prompt one of my assistants to choose education as a career.

Tiger Point Tallying

WOW! We are really racking up the Tiger Points around here!

Kindergarten - 8,968

Grade 1 - 10,488

Grade 2 - 9,890

Grade 3 - 6,909

Grade 4 - 7,857

Grade 5 - 8,357

Grade 6 - 7,570


2021-2022 PBiS Goal

Did you know that as of January 20, 2022 90% of our students have one or fewer behavior referrals? 401 out of our 444 students have received one or fewer behavior referrals for discipline thanks to our school-wide support and commitment to PBiS (Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports)! Our students are making great choices and learning quickly to avoid repeating bad ones!

Our overall goal is to have 82% or more of our kids receive one or fewer minor/major behavior referrals this school year. We are on track to meet that ambitious and worthwhile goal!


We have now opened kindergarten registration for the 2022-2023 school year! We request that if your child is eligible for kindergarten (turning 5 on or before August 31, 2022) that you complete the brief survey linked below. We appreciate your timely response to this matter as it helps us staff accordingly for the following school year. After you fill out the linked survey notifying us of an incoming kindergarten student, we will mail home a registration packet. Please contact us with any questions by calling (814)337-1659 or emailing MESOffice@penncrest.org

2022-2023 MES Kindergarten Survey


December Door Winner!

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Congratulations to Mrs. Nageotte on winning MES's December Door Decorating contest! Runners up were Mrs. Wilkinson and Mrs. Carey! Thanks to everyone who participated! Our school sure was festive this past month! Also thanks to everyone who voted, shared and liked this page!

12 Days of MES Spirit!

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Our December had everything - elves, grinches, festive sweaters, PJs and much more! Thanks to everyone who participated and made it extra merry around here MES last month!

Shop with a Hero

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On Tuesday, December 21, 2022 Mrs. Fonzo took 20 randomly chosen students to Titusville's Wal-Mart to participate in our first Shop with a Hero event! Corry PA State Police Officer, Cindy Shick, organizes this event each December with the help of local heroes (police officers, nurses, EMTs, etc.) and invites local schools to participate. We were so thankful for the invite and look forward to participating in it again next holiday season!

Christmas Choral Concert

MES Choral Concert December 2021
Our 5th and 6th Grade Choir performed with Mr. Bryant on Thursday, December 16, 2021 at 6:30PM. It was so nice to get to see our students perform before the holidays! Thank you to everyone that attended, to Mr. Bryant for organizing such a nice performance and to our students for displaying their hard work and talents!



In January, kindergarten is working hard with vowel power! Learning the short sounds of AEIOU.

Reading groups will be starting soon. We are finishing up our unit in narrative writing.

In math, we are continuing to explore our teen numbers 11-20. In science, we are learning about the winter season and how humans and animals adapt along with hibernation.

Grade 1

In first grade, we are continuing to build a strong foundation for our young students to help them become powerful readers and writers!

In Phonics, students are focusing on reading across words "from tip to tail". In Reading, we are learning more and more about non-fiction books. While reading, students are learning a variety of important strategies to study the text more closely. In writing, students are creating their own non-fiction books! In math, students are learning about number relationships, fact families, and building more understanding of addition and subtraction.

Grade 2

Second grade will be finishing up with two-digit subtraction and moving into three-digit addition and subtraction. In reading, we are building our knowledge from nonfiction books. In phonics, second graders are learning strategies and tips to solve multisyllabic words. We are working on writing nonfiction texts in writing. Students are writing about topics that they are experts on and are teaching their readers about their topic.

Grade 3

Reading- In reading class, third grade is working on their Character Study Unit. In this unit, the students analyze characters in stories in a deeper context. We do this using the mentor text, Winn Dixie. Then the students take what they have learning and apply it to their own reading during independent reading.

Math- In math class, third grade is working on division. The students are learning strategies to solve division problems and they are aware now that division is the inverse operation of multiplication. They understand that knowing their multiplication facts makes division much easier to process.

Writing- In writing class, third grade is beginning their informational writing unit. This unit will have the students choosing a topic they know about and then writing about it. The students will develop a book on the topic that will teach others about their information.

Second Step- In Second Step, third grade is continuing to practice how to handle their emotions when put in a situation that may cause them to get upset. The children have learned the Calm Down Song and the steps to calm down. They realize the importance of calming down before getting upset. We have also practiced breathing techniques during this time as another method to calm down.

Grade 4

Writing - Fourth grade is working hard to finish their personal persuasive writing! We will then continue with the persuasive writing theme as we begin our new unit - The Literary Essay! In this unit, students will be writing about their reading! They will be choosing a character in their reading and working to convince us that their character is either kind, loving, stubborn, selfish, etc... while providing evidence from the text.

Reading - Fourth grade is diving back into the world of fiction as we begin our 3rd unit - Details and Synthesis! As we begin this unit, students are taking stock of their own reading behaviors and finding out what they do and don't tend to do as readers. They are challenging themselves to work on their areas of weakness and build on their areas of strength!

In math, we have just finished up our unit on division and will be applying the skills we learned as we spend this week identifying factors and multiples of given numbers. After that, we will be moving on to fractions. We will begin by identifying what a fraction is and then finding equivalent fractions. We will use lots of resources to help us identify all of the wonderful attributes of fractions and what we can do with them!

In social studies we are learning about Pennsylvania history including events leading up to the Revolutionary War. We are doing a debate concerning the fairness of the British taxes on the colonists. This unit is helping students to learn the procedures of working successfully in a group through discussion, based on the facts, and coming to an agreement through negotiation. Students are enjoying the challenge.

In science our next unit will be "Environmental Impacts of Energy Use".

Grade 5

READING: Students have been reading Fantasy books and meeting with partners to discuss our read-aloud and their independent reading books. The learning points will include: character development, theme, symbolism, figurative language and vocabulary.

SCIENCE: The science of snow, “Human Impacts on Earth’s Systems” (resources/environment). SOCIAL STUDIES: The causes and events of the American Revolution.

MATH: In math we are finishing up adding and subtracting fractions. After that, we will be learning and practicing how to multiply and then divide fractions. WRITING: In writing, we are working on argumentative essays, after that we will be looking into research writing. We have been discussing figurative language, also.

Fifth grade students will also participate in The Great Kindness Challenge (near the end of January. (The Great Kindness Challenge is a proactive and positive SEL-focused bullying prevention program that improves school climate and increases student engagement.)

Grade 6

In reading and writing, students will continue to work through the “Animal Allies” unit, reading about how animals and people form special bonds and can learn from one another. As they work through the unit, goals include reading, evaluating, and writing nonfiction narratives, understanding and developing grammar usage, and vocabulary development.

In social studies, after finishing a unit on the Struggle for Reform, students will be learning about Good Times and Hardships during World War I, including The Great Depression and The New Deal.

In math students are continuing to work on algebraic concepts. They are learning how to solve for the unknown variable by doing the inverse. Students will also learn how to write, solve, and graph inequalities.

In science finished a unit on electrical energy with a fun STEM project using Squishy Circuits. They will then move into the Earth Sciences Unit with an introduction to Earth’s systems.


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Our Students ROAR!

We LOVE having the opportunity to help our students succeed and we're very proud of them for repeatedly making the right choices. We hope you are as excited as we are about the great work that the students have been doing. Our recent SWPBiS evaluation confirms what we already know..... MES is PAWS-itively the best!