Battle Of The Coral Sea

Naval Battle of World War 2

Battle Of The Coral Sea Summary

The Battle Of The Coral Sea was a naval battle fought in the Pacific Theater of World War 2. The battle was fought during May 4-8 1942. This battle was between the nations of Imperial Japanese Navy and naval, and air forces from the United States and Australia. The Japanese goal was to seize Port Moresby. The plan to accomplish this was a tactic of fleet, and light carriers to provide air cover. The U.S then countered, and sent an attack on the Japanese. On May 7, the U.S sank the Japanese carrier. Then Japanese attacked back. After that they both rested. At the end of the war the Japanese had a tactical victory. In terms of ship sunk. The Allies though had a strategic victory. For this the Allies had won the battle.


Generals involved

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Frank Jack Fletcher, commander of US Task Force 17.
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Shigeyoshi Inoue, commander of the 4th Fleet of the Imperial Japan Navy.


The battle was fought between two aircraft and naval vessels, foreshadowed by the battle which first marked fighting in the Pacific war.