Looking at Student Work

Assessing Student Work Collaboratively and productively

December 11, 2014 Professional Activity Day

Learning Goals:
  1. Review the success criteria for the News Article
  2. Identify the "Look Fors" in a successful response
  3. Evaluate samples of student work
  4. Through teacher moderation, come to a consensus about the levels at which students achieve

Why Teacher Moderation?

“When teachers work together to consider the work students have produced, or listen to their presentations or analyze their electronic projects and so on, they bring the collective wisdom of all the people in the group to the exercise. More eyes result in more determinations of what students understand” (Earl 2004).
What is Moderated Marking?.mov

Minds' On - Looking at Student Work

Jig - Saw Reading

  1. Number the members of your table groups from 1 - 6
  2. All #1's should read the first section of the article; #2's should read the second section etc.
  3. Quietly read your section of the article
  4. Take turns summarizing the section you read
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Teacher Moderation & School Success

The school community benefits when teacher moderation becomes an integral aspect of professional learning. Through the collective wisdom of all participants, school teams delve deeper in the assessment data leading to greater consistency, alignment, and targeted instruction.
Teacher Moderation
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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Macklemore X Ryan Lewis - Same Love feat. Mary Lambert by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
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