Paws to Read

Ben a.


I chose this quote I thought that this was a very appropriate quote that represents me.

More quotes.

These quotes are saying to enjoy reading while your at it

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My song that I chose is Uptown Funk because I think that it motivates me to read.

Blog entry

I am reading The Cay by Theodore Taylor. The latest thing that happened in my book is that the kid Phillip has gotten rescued from the abandoned island. I enjoyed this book because it was a very entertaining book. I liked when Phillip the kid got rescued on the abandoned island. I recommend this book to kids that like adventurous books.

About me

. I am 12 years old

. I play a lot of baseball

. I play outside for fun

.I read at night

. I like watching the Royals

10 Things About me as a reader

1. I love to read at night

2. I have read a lot of books this year

3. I love to read action books

4.My favorite book is The Cay by Theodore Taylor.

5.I read every night.

6.When I read I don't stop until I have to

7.I read a lot of long chapter books

8.I read sometimes on the couch downstairs

9.I read whenever I want to

10. I love reading.

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Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars

book recommendations

I recommend this website because I think that it is very reliable and has a great variety of books. They have all kinds of teen and kids books. What ever book you want to get all you have to do is type it in in the search browser and it will pop up. I have been to this store.