Jarome Iginla

Leadership Assignment- CHV 2O0


In the 1995 National Hockey League Draft, two-hundred and thirty seven hockey players were picked from minor leagues, and drafted into the National Hockey League. A few of these young chosen athletes, would grow to become tremendous players, and all-stars in the major league. However, only one of these two-hundred plus athletes, were more than any team could have imagined. One athlete in particular, would grow to be a fantastic leader, not only for his team and The National Hockey League, but for his community as well. By leading as the captain of the Calgary Flames, persevering throughout his career, and becoming involved with society, Jarome Iginla has grown to be one of Canada's greatest leaders.

Courage is not the absence of fear- it's inspiring others to move beyond it

Jerome Iginla was traded to the Calgary Flames at the start of his career, and would be staying there for quite a while. He played for the Flames for nine years, and helped the franchise reach it's highest points in team history. Iginla was assigned the role of captain in 2003, and has since then has truly demonstrated Nelson Mandela's first lesson of leadership. Courage is not the absence of fear- it's inspiring others to move beyond it. This is something that many of Jarome's team mates, coaches, and even opponents can admit he has shown them, from the very start of his career. Taking on a large leadership role is not the only way that Iginla has inspired others, he passed many records himself, showing entire nations that the colour of your skin, or your age does not change your capabilities. Jarome Iginla is the NHL’s first black goal-scoring champion, and was the centre-piece of the Calgary Flame's Stanley Cup Finals team. Throughout his career, he has always cared for his many fans around the nation, and never shown his fear, much like Nelson Mandela. By putting these fears and obstacles behind him, he has inspired many people, young and old, to use the power of courage.

Lead from the front- but don't leave your base behind

Despite his many trophies and superstar achievements, Jarome Iginla has never left his team behind. Accomplishing a number of the NHL's highest achievements very quickly, Iginla was seen as one of the top players during his prime. The face of his team, and a hero of his city, Iginla was loved by all of his fans and team mates. He never let this get to his head however, by showing his appreciation for his supporters, and always keeping his team mates with him in the reasoning for his success. Success was not always the case for Jarome however, and after carrying his team all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals, a lot of hard work and success was ruined. Calgary lost to Tampa Bay in the Finals, leaving heartbreak and sadness throughout the city. As the Flames began to drop in performance, Iginla shouldered the blame himself, and showed that he could not only accept success, but could take failure for his team as well. This style of leadership is much like Mandela's, because it shows how Iginla was never afraid to take authority of his team, but also never let anyone else feel lesser than him.

Quitting is leading too

After his famous nine-year run with the Calgary Flames, Jarome Iginla decided to sign with the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2013. His run had been a great experience for him and his city, but as his age has grown, Iginla is still in need for his first Stanley Cup. Although many Calgary fans were deeply saddened by his leaving, Iginla has given the city of Calgary, and it's citizens, something that they could never repay him. Throughout his career, Iginla has done an outstanding amount of charity work in Calgary, especially participating in a charity called KidSport, a charitable foundation set up to help economically disadvantaged kids overcome the obstacles to playing youth sports. Jarome Iginla also donates $2,000 every time he scores a goal, and has donated over $60,000 in just one season before. Although Iginla "quit" playing for the Flames, he will always be seen a hero, and a great role model for the citizens of Calgary. By utilizing Mandela's lessons of leadership, Jerome Iginla has shown an outcome of positivity for his team, and his city. He currently plays for the Colorado Avalanche, and is still waiting for that Cup.
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