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Tips on How to Write Blogs that Can Help Promote Your B&B

Blogging is a technique used by many people to advertise their products or services or that of other people’s through the internet. Blogging means writing articles about things you want to promote.
They could be products or services like bed and breakfast facilities. Blog is short for web log. The article contains information about what you are talking about and other interesting details about it. You don’t need to be a web designer to post and publish blogs. Websites have software that can publish your articles in an interesting form and with graphics if you want. What a good blogger needs is stock knowledge, keen observation skills and of course, good writing skills.

An innkeeper is in the best position to be a blogger for a bed and breakfast web site. He has the knowledge with regards to the locale frequented by tourists. For instance, he could write blogs about the history of the place, the factors that make it into a tourist attraction, the things that could be done in the area and other fun things that could be experienced by a guest.

A blog writer may also make his blogs as a sort of reports about events and other happenings in the area. Posted with good photographs, these articles can easily attract the attention of readers and make them curious about the place so that they decide to visit it to see for themselves.

You could also make your blog appear like journal entry, focusing on activities, places, people and events that guests might find informative and interesting. Make your blogs fun – they must be short, lightly written and with rumor. This will attract more readers than very formal write ups. Do not over do it, though. Write one blog a week and before you know it, your website is already full of articles that readers like to read. The search engine will notice that many people are reading your blogs and may give your site a higher rank.

Here are some tips on what and how to write blogs that would attract readers and make search engines place your site at the top:

1. Always have fresh and original content. The topic might be old but if you can use an approach that will make it appear fresh and not copied from other blog sites.

2. Discuss one topic in a page. Do not make a very long article that jumps from one topic to another. Search engines don’t like it and would never have your article or site indexed.

3. If you are not sure of your information, do research. There are readers who would check your facts and if they are imaginary, they won’t read your articles again. Make sure that the information that you share is always current and correct. If you are talking about bed and breakfast in Europe, use situations that apply to that area.

4. Don’t just focus on your own B&B. Write something about the place. Remember that people come to visit the place and what it can offer to travelers and tourists, not because they want to see your home or castle which you have converted into a B&B.

5. Mention places that will attract them more to your place. There could be a restaurant that offers good food but is less frequented, a resort hidden in the mountains near you or a park that is worth visiting. If more people come to visit them, you can get a share of guests. These businesses might also do something for you in return, like recommending you to travelers that inquire about cheap but good accommodation.

6. Have your site listed in a global bed and breakfast directory, theBed and Breakfast Euro.. The name of your establishment will be included and will be read by millions of people around the world who are planning to have a vacation and choosing a place where they could stay. This service will answer questions about your facility, take an online booking for you and provide feedback regarding reviews of your B&B service.

3 Ways to Have a Fun B&B Vacation

Most people go on a vacation to have fun. But no matter where you are, if you do not know how to find joy and happiness, you would never have a vacation you would greatly be happy about. You could stay in a luxury hotel but if you stay inside feeling miserable, you would never have fun. But, even if you are staying in a simple B&Bbut you have the initiative and zest to embrace life, then, you will have great fun. Here are some ways to have a delightful B&B vacation.

First, know what you want to do. Are you going to spend your vacation reflecting and meditating? Do you want the least crowded and the quietest place? Do you think you would prefer to dress less formally and to be watchful of your table manners when eating? If your answer to the preceding questions is yes, then, a bed and breakfast is for you. Most B&Bs have only two to six bedrooms and during winter, only one or two rooms are occupied. So, you can have the whole place for you. If you love eating out, you can choose one with a diner nearby.

Second, staying in a bed and breakfast in Europe will allow you to enjoy your vacation to the utmost. Most B&Bs are near places where the most fun activities are. You can walk and appreciate the beauty of nature along the way. The narrow and meandering paths devoid of a motor vehicle roaring and bringing a cloud of dust with it are already a great source of delight. You can run, jog, jump and do some yoga exercises undisturbed. You can breathe in fresh and clean air. If you are into bicycling, you can pedal to quiet places and commune with yourself and with nature.

Third, there are places of interest near every B&B. Check the brochure and ask around what new things you can possibly try and explore. There could a beautiful lake nearby where you can sail or fish; a mountain where you can hike or ski; a park where you can have lots of fun things to see and do. The list is simply endless and it’s really up to you how to have a great vacation.

If you are planning to have a holiday, think first of what you want to do and look for a bed and breakfast that can help you do what you want.

How to Know if a B&B Is Child-Friendly

Taking a vacation with a child or several children is great fun. However, one of the setbacks is on accommodation. If you stay in a hotel, this is not a problem. But, when you are planning to stay in aB&B, it might not be easy to find one that would welcome small kids.

Before you decide where to stay with your kids, check first if the place welcomes children. This will prevent you from being turned down by the owner. Of all the worst things that could ruin your holiday is having nowhere to stay with your little ones. Most bed and breakfast in Europe accept children. When choosing where to stay, always look for a place that states that they accept children. Most brochures have pages for bed and breakfast that would willingly take in children.

If you cannot find any such advertisement in the brochure, call the B&B of your choice and discuss with the owner if he would allow you to have your children stay with you. Make clear the additional charges for their accommodation.

B&Bs have reasons to refuse couples with children. There are children who are always crying, whining, fighting, jumping, running around and banging doors all the time. This is a great nuisance for other occupants. This also explains why some guests would not stay in a B&B that already has children in them. There are also parents who leave their children unattended and sometimes, the owner would have to keep watch of them.

Having children among the guests can give additional tasks to the owner. Baby food must be prepared, bottles must be sterilized and there is more demand for hot water. The best thing for parents to do is to choose a bed and breakfast with just two to three rooms, with other occupants having children, too. This will put everyone in a win-win situation.

Check B&B Europe for bed and breakfast accommodation and you can find several that would welcome you even if several children are tagging along.

The Best Way to Market Your B&B

You can easily find a marketing strategy in the book. In fact, there are hundreds of them. But, when it comes to marketing your bed and breakfast establishment, you need to develop your own strategy.B&B business is new and so, you must adopt new strategies as well.

Putting up a B&B is not easy. If you are the owner, you must take this business seriously because there are a lot of problems that lie ahead of you.

There are several reasons why you need to market your B&B well. Not doing this could jeopardize the chances of your business to grow and attract more customers.

Here are some of the things that you must put in mind as a B&B operator.

  • The hospitality and tourism fields are fast changing. People’s needs and demands have changed a lot. It seems that nowadays, it is difficult to attract and satisfy clients. Most tourists now prefer a fast life and perhaps, only a few would love the peace and quiet of a bed and breakfast. You must be creative in making up something that would make your guests return for more.
  • There is more competition in the bed and breakfast in Europecompared to the past years. Nowadays, a B&B seems to sprout everyday and if we count them all, there could hundreds of thousands of them in Europe alone. The best way to survive is through joint and cooperative efforts, not individualistic approach.
  • Identifying your target market could help you promote your business properly and well. You cannot please everyone. So, for instance, you may focus on elderly couples alone or on families alone. These are the sectors that most B&Bs refuse to cater to. Perhaps, by specializing on servicing them, you would be able to attract more guests.
  • To ensure customer satisfaction, a B&B owner must plan strategies to make clients choose his establishment over others. Quality service is not just enough. Vacationers want relaxation and fun and they expect this.

Here are some of the principles that will help you market your products.

  1. Always make customer satisfaction your top priority. All your efforts must be directed towards satisfying them.
  2. Always pay attention to what your customers say. Ask guests to evaluate your services so that you would know how to improve them.
  3. There is a saying that customers are always right. Arguing with your guest will not bring you any good. When you hear complaints, thank them for letting you know that one aspect or several aspects of your business is not good for them.
  4. There are always differences among clients and you cannot satisfy all. Hence, just select your own niche and develop it as much as you can.
  5. Customers expect that the services they receive are commensurate to the amount that they pay. A bed and breakfast owner must be able to provide service that customers believe is worth the money they shell out from their pockets.
  6. In business, products have a life cycle. They are introduced to the market, then they grow and mature, then they decline. Every business man would prefer to make his business continue on growing.

And of course, ensure exposure to overseas clients by having your website included in the list of inns and B&Bs worldwide. To reach 2 million visitors or more each month, have your bed and breakfast listed at the European Leader Bed and Breakfast Euro. Doing so will allow your clients to book online in your B&B, browse reviews about your establishment and reply to queries of potential clients.

Enjoy Bed and Breakfast Greece Style

Visit the country that has been the home of gods and goddesses in the ancient times. You read about Greece in books and you see the place in movies. All the descriptions are true – beaches with sand as white as snow; seas with crystal blue water; and old temples that were erected in honor of a god or goddess. And of course, to make your stay convenient, there are lots of Bed and Breakfast Greeceoffers. Even if you are exploring an old village, you can easily find delightful B&B in Greece s where you can have a peaceful night and a hearty breakfast of Greek cuisine.

Greece is very rich in culture and history. It has been glorified in books of mythology. It takes pride in being the scene of the Great Trojan War which was immortalized in the Iliad and Odyssey. There is the temple of Acropolis and the field of Olympia where the Olympic Games was first played thousands of years ago. The oracle of Apollo in Delphi must not be missed, either.

For water sports enthusiasts, Greece is the best destination. There are twenty-four water spotrs centers in Greece. Visitors can go skurfing, wakeboarding, parasailing, barefoot water skiing, fishing, jet skiing and sea canoeing. You can enjoy all these in Athens, the country’s capital city, in Heraklion, in Rhodes and is Poros. These places are top destinations for tourists and there are thousands of affordable bed and breakfast in Greece establishments to meet your needs.

Greece in springtime looks like an emerald. It has a beautiful green color everywhere as grasses and all kinds of plants grow. See the olive-forests and vineyards. The island of Corfu is the best, with plenty of flowers growing on it. There are lagoons, bays, white sands and clear waters that make the place more beautiful and peaceful.

While in Greece, don’t forget to have a taste of the dishes for which the country is known for. Enjoy fresh grilled fish with feta salad and olives. Or you can try the dolmades, which is made of rice with toasted nuts and seasoning, and wrapped in grape leaves. All these can also be had in the many B&B in the area.

Make travelling to Greece easy on your pocket. Book a bread and breakfast and enjoy the beauty of this ancient country at a highly affordable price. Using bed and breakfast inn gives you the freedom to explore during day time and find rest and good food anywhere ate night time.