What is my career?

My career is an accounting.

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What i will i be doing?

I will keep financial accounts and help other people.

How much will i earn?

I will earn about 47,936 per year or 21.48 to 25.65 per hour. And the can deduct out of my pay check if i do something wrong.

What type of degree i need?

I could have any type of degree but bachelor's degree is the one i actually need.

What college will best prepare me for my occupation?

I think the university of Illinois Urbana-Champaign College
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How much do i travel?

There is not much travel, unless you need to do something else.

What skills do i need to have?

I have to be good at math and in counting.

Why do i want to do this job?

I want to do this job because i like money.
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Where will it be located?

It will be located in the state of Illinois.