Box and Whisker Plot

A diagram that summarizes data using the median, the upper and lower quatiles, and the extreme values. (minimum and maximum)


The number of times and item, number, or event occurs in a set of data.

Grouped Frequency Table

The organization of raw data in table form with classes and frequencies.


A way of displaying numeric data using horizontal or vertical bars indicates frequency.

Inter-Quartile Range (IQR:)

The difference between the first and third quartiles. (Note that the first quartile and third quartiles are sometimes called upper and lower quartiles.)

Maximum Value

The largest value in a set of data.


The "average" or "fair share" value for the data. The mean is also the balance point of the corresponding data distribuation.

Mean Absolute Deviation

The average distance of each data value from the mean. The MAD is guage of "on average" how different the data values are from the mean value.

Measures of Center

The mean and the median are both ways to measure the center for a set of data.

Measures of Spread

The range and the Mean Absolute Deviation are both common ways to measure the spread for a set of data.


The value for which the numbers are larger and half are smaller. If there are two middle numbers, the median is the arthimetic mean of the two middle numbers.

Minimum Value

The smallest value in a set of data.


The number that occurs the most often in a list. There can be more than one mode, or no mode.


A value that is very far away from most of the values in a set of data.


A measure of spread for a set of data. To find the range, subtract the smallest value from the largest value in a set of data.

Stem & Leaf Plot

A graphical method used to represent ordered numerical data. Once the data are ordered, the stem and leafs are determind. Typically the stem is all but the last digit of each data point and the leaf is that last digit.
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