A Special Note

Your monthly update from PE, Music, Library and Technology.

Parents & Students

We are so excited to keep you updated about what's going on in our classrooms. This year has been challenging, but it is exciting to adapt to new circumstances, and as always, we feel lucky that we get to spend time with the wonderful students at CTA Goodman! Please enjoy some spotlights from the last few weeks in Specials.

Miss Clareson, Mrs. Diaz, Mrs. Spindler, Mrs. Fox, Mrs. Traficano, Mrs. Edwards, Mr. Miller and Ms. Broomfield

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Graphic Design

This month’s focus in Technology Specials was all about graphic design. Students in K through 2 learned how to use graphic design programs such as 3D paint. Students practiced using the online pencil/paint brush and how to color fill their designs. They also learned to use the mouse to drag a point to create shapes, erase and zoom in to do detail work.

Students in 3rd through 6th grade created animated characters by using just a few coding blocks to make their animation move. They were introduced to the Scratch coding software and learned to create a background, modify a character, add sound, and animate using event, repeat and wait coding blocks.

Kings and Queens of Rock and Roll!

In music this year, CTA Goodman Fifth Graders have been taking a trip through the musical history of America. We began with folk songs from all over the world, as well as studying Native American folk music. So far, we have learned about Folk Music, Country, Blues, Jazz and Rock and Roll. No conversation about Rock is complete without talking about the king himself, Mr. Elvis Presley. Please enjoy our Boomwhacker rendition of Don't Be Cruel, written by Otis Blackwell, made famous by Elvis Presley, linked below. We are looking forward to learning about Rap and Hip Hop in the next few weeks!

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Check it out!!!

First Grade students had fun with their music teacher, Mrs. Edwards, singing My Aunt Came Back and doing the motions!

Honor Orchestra

Congratulations to our 2nd year orchestra students. The district is giving them a special award for outstanding performance in orchestra. The award is given to students who are not only good musicians but have had excellent attendance and attitude throughout the year.