Air Ambulance

Daniel Rodriguez

Type Of Aircraft

- Jets

-Turbo Prop

-Twin Prop



-The battle of Franco vs Purrsians

-The seige of paris


-Useing hot air ballons to transport

-Horse drawn carage

Hot Air Ballons

-Cheif of Dutch medical Major causees of Death to soldiers was by ground transport


-Wright Brother

-Medical officers Capt. Geroge Gosman Lt. Al Rohdes


-Official Use of Air planes in a War

-Time to transport during WWI

-United States first start of MedIvac

-End of the first war


-When they began in the United States army

-What types

Transformation from military Use to Civlilian

-Which was the first state

-How they were able

-What citys followed

Requirements For Ambulance Pilots

-Types of ratings


Kansas City Area

-Hospitals in our area with these services for air support

-What they have in common

Childrens Mercy

- Childrens Mercy Hospital

-There crew