Mrs. Bushman's Kindergarten Class

November Newsletter

Keeping Busy!

We've had a busy yet exciting month here in kindergarten! I hope that everyone was able to have a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving Break!

We are becoming readers!

Throughout the month of November we have been focusing on themes such as shapes, the four seasons, different types of weather, and being thankful! We are continuing to use the 'asking questions as we read' strategy during our reading time. We have also started learning how to visualize the story in order to better understand it. Ask your child to "make a picture in your mind" of the stories you are reading at home in order for them to better understand the story. You can even have them "turtle up" as this is something we do often during reading time. We have been learning new vocabulary words by acting them out to have a better understanding of their meaning. The students are really starting to make more and more letter/sound connections as we are learning how to read! It has been so much fun to see them progressing and sounding out words they don't know!

Gobble Gobble

As always, we’ve been learning new songs to go along with the skills we’ve been practicing! Ask your child to show you how we “Lettercise” and have them sing, our favorite, “I’m A Very Fine Turkey”! Continue to work with them on their sight word recognition. Your child should be able to write a sentence using the sight words that we’ve learned so far!


All About Math

We've been learning all about comparing and ordering numbers in different ways during math! We've been learning new math vocabulary words like more/less and least/greatest while comparing groups of objects. We've also learned how the alligator always eats the bigger numbers when writing more than and less than signs! We've been practicing putting cube towers and primary number cards in order from the least to the greatest and recording our work



-Please remember to send your child in WEATHER APPROPRIATE CLOTHES on a daily basis. Please have your child practice zipping and buttoning their coats at home. We will be going outside twice a day as long as the temperature with wind chill isn't under 32 degrees.

-Continue to have your child practice tying their shoes. This is something they should be able to do by the end of the year.

-Please send in an extra pair of weather appropriate clothes for your child’s locker. If you would like me to exchange some clothes please just send me a quick email and I will send the other ones home.

-Please remember to put ALL money sent inside of a Ziploc bag/envelope with your child’s name and what it is for written on the outside.

Important Dates

-Friday, December 18th- GRINCH DAY- More to come on this :)

-Thursday, December 24th- January 3rd - School is CLOSED for WINTER BREAK

-Monday, January 4th- School Reopens (Mrs. Richardson will be officially starting as my long term substitute on this day)