A Comprehensive Overview Of The Process To Transfer From VHS To DVD

Taking into account the latest trends set in the last century, the vogue that has taken the entertainment field with a storm will definitely be the DVD innovation over the last century's VHS tapes and recordings. To comprehend this huge change is not a mystery. The VHS tapes were big, bulky, fragile and damage prone. If the reason that it takes up unnecessary space in storage, the average lifespan of a VHS tape is only 15 to 20 years, which makes storing VHS tapes as medium for saving your life long cherished memories, a liability. Hence, it does not come as a surprise, that most people, who owns VHS tapes are taking every conceivable steps to ensure that their old memories do not get lost in oblivion, and hence are weighing options to have those old, family videos transfer from VHS to DVD.

DVD are much safer bet to make sure that your memorable and precious memories, of those old home videos, are not only stored in a format that is long lasting, but also provides you with the added benefit of having those edited for a high resolution picture and excellent sound quality. If you have a large collection of old videos, the best option would probably to consider hiring the services of companies that professionally handle the transfer from VHS to DVD of home videos. It gives you the benefit of saving both your time and energy, and also ensures that you have a collection of DVD with a neat and customized menu navigation integrated within the video. Of course, you can opt for a much cheaper alternative by handling the process at home. All you would need are east to get equipments, if you hoping to go for the editing option or you can simply invest in a good quality professional VHS DVD recorder-converter which will also make the transfer from VHS to DVD of your home videos pretty smooth.

To handle the transfer process by your own, a trip to the hardware or electronic store is a given, provided you already own a personal computer. With that in stride, all you would need a VCR tape player, RCA video cable, a video capture device, a video editing software and DVD burner and some blank DVD discs. However, if you have DVD burner installed into your computer, then editing becomes even easier. So, all you would need is to follow a simple procedure easily found on the internet and you are set to go.