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I am so proud of all of our athletes, from here there and everywhere. Check out how each team is doing, all our super awesome athletes, coaches and families. There are so many awesome things to share that I have decided to update this newsletter each week, so come check back for more information about games, updated schedules and all the soaring falcons! Game schedules are found here so that you know when to come cheer them on, we have awesome falcon families and love the cheering section to be full! Wear your blue and tag us in all pictures on instagram!

If you are interested in playing a winter sport it is very imporatnt to get me paperwork ASAP so that we can ensure you are cleared for participation during tryouts. A physical must be signed, and dated by a doctor prior to being eligible.

If you have additional questions please feel free to reach out at any time, kimberly1.williams@cms.k12.nc.us

Kimberly Williams

Athletic Director

Rea Farms STEAM Academy

Volleyball Schedule

Volleyball's home court is RFSA

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Falcon Volleyball

10/28 update:

UNDEFEATED CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS! Need I say anymore???? So proud of these girls.

The girls were dismissed from class a bit early, we left right at 4pm, and (minus the bus engine) you could hear a pin drop on the bus. The girls were so focused and ready. They walked into South Academy of International Languages (SAIL) knowing it was going to be a tough match, but they proved why they are the undefeated conference champions...they won handidly each set, with the opening set win 8-25, then 17-25 for win number 13 of the season. I started texting our administration to tell them, my watch was registering a workout I was so excited and proud of them! I sent a text to our families that read "Assuming all things positive here...once the second match is over we will head as quickly as posible to the bus, celebration at the bus!!!" The second match came and went nearly as fast as the first (8-25 and 16-25) with Reynolds' ACE serve to end our season is dramatic fashion. There are no words for excitement here! Congrats ladies and to coach Swinger for all that you all have accomplished this year!

10/18 update:

This was a suprise game in some ways. At the start of the season Walter G. Byers did not have a team, and seemingly we were not going to have a game. Byers was able to put together a team and I was so excited for them. This is the first team Byers has had in volleyball in over 8 years, so to say that it was a huge success to even play is an understatement. Our girls did well and we even saw several successful overhand serves. The games were not close, but Byers saw success in the second set of the second match. Unfortunately they came into their own just a bit too late, and our Falcons started strong and never let up. So proud of them! Next week is our last week (10/25) and we play at South Academy of International Languages (SAIL). From what I am told they are also undefeated, so I need to get my heart set up for a stressful night! Come out and cheer on your falcon volleyball players one more time, it what is sure to be a GREAT night of games!

10/11 update:

The girls did great this week, and definitely let our hearts recover from last week. They played at Charlotte East. After a hard game last week, and thus a tough week of practice these girls were definitely ready. After dropping the first serve of the night, they came back strong scoring 7 straight points. They only allowed 8 more total points in the first set and won with a decisive 25-9. The second set saw much of the same, and they won 25-4. The girls were hitting, and serving on all cylinders and headed into match 2 of the doubleheader with all sights making it seem easy. After a missed first serve, we were nervous, but the girls came through only allowin 8 points in the set, and won 25-8. The final match saw a lot of points from Charlotte East but our Falcons came through and won 25-15. We play At home against Walter G. Byers next week.

10/4 update:

I took 3 days to recover and now I can write about how awesome this game was. The girls came in having not lost a set, to another team who had not yet lost a game. Different but definitely good competition. Collinswood is another school that added sports for the first time this year to their school. I almost cried after the first set when our girls lost by narrow margin 25-27. I also knew we were in for a night. I am so proud of the girls for rallying and winning the second set by huge margin, 25-16. It was a must win set, and forced us to our third set, the first time the girls had to play the third of the season. The third set is only played to 15, so it was definitely an uphill battle. After losing the coin toss, we were set to serve second, with their top server up first. She missed, and we rallied going up by 3 before losing the serve. We had a series of single points to each team before Collinswood went on to serve 9 straight points, before we broke it, and won the serve back and Reynolds served 8 straight points to win the game 15-11. That was another RFSA game win, bringing us to 7-0 with another match just 10 minutes away. The second match was no better, these girls must enjoy seeing their coach and AD stressed, I on the other hand am not a fan! The girls played so well in set one, that I figured we were all good...jokes on me, set 2 we decided to play for extra hits (you must win by 2-even after getting to 25-in order to win). A long stretch by their top server ended with a Collinswood win 27-29. UGH here comes set number 3...again a must win for the girls to stay undefeated. We won the serve, but didnt win the first point. Down 1-0 the girls rallied and won the serve back and 3 additional points, and it seemed to stay that way with all of our girls serving, before hitting that magic score of 15, winning 15-6, and staying undefeated and becoming 8-0. The only problem was that coach Swinger and I both had heart attacks so it may be a bit tough next week when they take on Walter G. Byers.

9/27 update

A game location change sent us ALL THE WAY, like nearly an hour away, to Rennaissance West STEAM Academy. The girls did well having traveled that far it can be a struggle to get going. They walked in and warmed up. The first game was super close, and Rennaissance West had a lot of talent! They came out the first game with a narrow 19-25 win. The second game showed much of the same, with Renn West playing us super close. It was so much of the same the game ended with the exact same score 19-25. That gave us match 1. After much debate, we convienced them to go ahead and play the second match even though we arrived a bit late. Our girls calmed down, played more falcon volleyball, and showed up big time. The games had a much bigger margin, and it was clear that the stamina from all of our running has paid off. Our girls finished the night continuing to be undefeated, 6-0 after 16-25 and a 12-25 second match win. Double header nights are definitely proving tough. We will take on Collinswood who is also undefeated on Monday 10/4. It will definitely be an exciting night, you do not want to miss it.

9/20 Update

Volleyball traveled (all the way) to Thomasboro Academy, where they warmed up after a safety delay. With so many of the girls having improved serving they played very well. Each volleyball game is a double header meaning 2 games in the same night, and once again the girls took both games in 2 sets to keep their undefeated record alive. The girls won the first game 13-25 and 10-25, and the second 15-25 and 19-25. Great job falcons. The volleyball team's schedule changed and they will travel to Rennaissance West STEAM Academy on Monday 9/27 for their third match date of the season. Keep up the great work Falcons

9/13 update

Games started this week, and our first ever home game, carried all of the excitement it deserved. A late schedule change meant that our first ever game was at home instead of on the road, what could be better right????? We also went from a 14 game night season to 7, each with a double header meaning we play 2 matches in the same night, divided only by a 10 minute break between the two. Our girls were so excited, and no mask was going to hide their excitement and enthusiasm for the game. Our girls made history, with our first ever game, first ever home game, first ever double header, and first (and second) ever wins! The girls remain undefeated as we move into next week. We will travel to Thomasboro on 9/20.

Football/Cheer Schedule

Football/Cheer's home field is Marie G. Davis

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Southern Cardinals Football

10/28 update:

Our southern cardinals just continue with the fluctuation in size. We missed two of our falcons in the game due to not feeling well and injury, thankfully nothing serious! I was standing talking to one of the other athletic directors when I looked down the sideline and saw someone I recognized...the coach for another team in the conference. I went to talk to him and they were there to help cheer us on. SO COOL! Alexander Graham is a talented team, and rumor has it they are unbeaten, and it shows. Their entire school population and maybe all of Charlotte showed up on their sidelines, it was neat to say the least. Our Cardinals found the endzone two times and the excitement was real. The boys were so excited. We did fall a bit short in the end. We have our final game at "home" at Marie G. Davis next week on 11/3.

10/21 update:

Well our team has decreased in size again, and I hate it for us, but that means our Falcon Cardinals are seeing even more of the field, which always makes me happy. Brody took the opening snaps and did well in the new QB roll. I know he wil continue to improve should he want to stay there. We saw lots of our boys on the line and elsewhere on the field. We are by far the smallest (in number of players) in our league, and while we keep falling short in the "W" column, we are definitely holding our own, and I could not be more proud of the team.

10/14 update:

Well it was another tough week. The boys get so excited and I love seeing the excitedment on their faces all day, even through the mask, and Kaylen has begun to call them "Her Footballers" and I love the team they have bonded to make. They support her in all that she does, and she could not be more supportive of them, even getting mad when people talk bad about the boys! I love it. The game went to Quail Hollow but our boys are starting to see more field time and making an impact is great! Next week we play at South Charlotte and would love to have some Falcon fans out there as well!

10/5 update:

Well last week's theme was suprises, so it seems fitting that this weeks theme is all about firsts. After the game last week several players decided to leave the team, leaving us having open tryouts again. Shiloh and Liam decided to try their hand at their first time playing and have had such awesome smiles (even through their masks) since. We played our very first "home" game at Marie G. Davis, had our very first video recorded game, and had our very first game in red uniforms. We were scheduled to play a game on 9/22 at "home" but the field was not yet ready, and it ended up being rained out anyway. The boys played hard, but still came up short against a very strong and much larger Southwest Middle. Kaylen cheered her heart out and is having so much fun being a part of the team. I cannot wait to see her cheer at RFSA in the winter :)

9/29 update:

Suprise was the theme of the week. We found out on Monday that we would have a game on Wednesday...and we thought that was the end of our surprises, until we were about 3/4 of the way to Coulwood middle, many of our families ahead of us had already made it, the other bus sitting at Coulwood, only to find out we were going to the wrong field. Coulwood had cancelled their game, which was the reason we got to play...we were supposed to be going even further north to JM Alexander, in Huntersville. After a quick sort, and a buch of "hurry do this, and hurry do that" and what has been described as a really funny phone call from a student athlete to Mrs. Hough while I was driving, we got to JMA. The boys played hard, even with the craziness that came before. Unfortunately the outcome was not as we had desired, but we looked better and better and I am excited for the season to progress forward. Surprises kept coming and we will have an updated roster announced very soon! Kaylen, at Cheer had a great night, with new cheers, with matching uniorms and pompoms. We are scheduled to play at Marie G. Davis on TUESDAY October 5th. Come out and cheer on our Cardinals (especially our falcons).

9/22 update:

Football was unfortunately rained out this week and the boys, as well as Kaylen were super bumbed to not be permitted to play. Football/Cheer have a bye this week and will take on Southwest on 10/5.

9/14 update:

Football had their first game this week as well, and boy was our crazy team dynamic amazing on game day. These boys are coming from 3 different schools but unless you know that, you would guess they have been the best of friends for years. It was a nice change for our team to go just down the road to JM Robinson, being the first team onsite and to only have our brave singular cheerleader (she too joins student athletes from 2 other schools to cheer on these boys), and 5 boys on the bus excited and ready for their first game. While it could have ben nerves, or just getting ready mentally for the game, the bus was silent on the way there with only the noise of the "air conditioning" running. While the boys did not walk off the field victorious, I am so proud of each and everyone of our Cardinals and Falcons. These boys put their heart on the line and worked so hard. I can definitely say I am impressed and we have so much talent, our Southern Cardinals should not be pushed off...we got this! The boys will play at "home" at Marie G. Davis next Wednesdsay (9/22). Come out and cheer us on.

Community House Golf Information

Students at RFSA who wish to play golf play for the Community House Middle School Team

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Community House Golf

10/28 update:

Well the season has come to a close, and it has been a great season for sure. The golf team tok on Southwest Middle. Diya was the RFSA player this week and did so well. It is always so awesome to be able to escape the hussle and bussle and be outside. The weather was perfect, but Diya said she was so hot. The girls have had so much fun this season and it will be sad to not see them excited for a match or to tell me all about it. Congrats ladies! So proud of our Falcon Cavaliers!

10/8 Update:

Community House played Monday against Carmel, where Greyson played an awesome 9 holes, and Diya was the bestest of teammates, walking with her. It is so tough when everyone doesnt get to participate and show off all of their hard work, so I am glad these two do it together no matter what! It makes me so proud of them. The Cavs walked away with another win. The team was set to play at Ballantyne Country Club, but unfornately the course was double booked and the match was postponned if not cancelled. We will know more soon hopefully. Keep up the great work Cavs/Falcons

10/1 update:

I got to go see the Falcon/Cavs play golf last night on the beautiful Carolina Golf Course. Diya was amongst the players and did a fantastic job, and Greyson was an awesome teammate. Golf is a bit of a different sport, with limited numbers of players each week, so not everyone plays in each match. 9 very difficult holes and everyone managed to finish even with the impending darkness. It was an extremely close match, with very talented golfers on all teams. The score annoucement at the end had everyone holding their breath, and with a 2 stroke difference, the Cavs came away with the win for the night! Great job to our falcon golfer Diya, and her awesome teammate Greyson. 2 matches next week!

9/24 update:

Golf's match was cancelled this week. They will hopefully get to play next week as they have not yet had a match for multiple reasons.

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