The Lenni Lenape Tribe

(Delaware Tribe)

The Tribe

The Lenni Lenape Tribe, also known as the Delaware Indians, spoke the language Algongvian. They were peaceful people that farmed, hunted, and fished, but were frequently attacked by neighboring Tribes. The Tribes was autonomous. That means that they had their own government including laws, police, and services. They were one of the main Tribes in America before the English settlers came. Since the Tribe was so big and they lived in different places, they divided into three nations and three clans. The Wolf, Turtle, and Turkey Clan.

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Time of the Tribe

The time of Arrival of the Lenape Indians in Delaware Valley is unknown. The Lenape Indians though were mainly based in the 17th century. They made a treaty with a famous English steler, William Penn in 1682. Also in the 1600's the Lenape Indians were forced out of Delaware Valley because of being terrorised by the Iroguois. In the 1600-1900. The Lenape Indians were battered by warfare from other Tribes English settlers and groups of random theive no matter where they went.

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Three Clans

The Lenni Lenape's were originally from the mid-Atlantic area. If we looked at where they were living now, they would be living in New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Their were a lot of people living with them, it was hard work to help people stay alive. So, they made groups. Some groups would fend for the village and fight away unwanted visitors, while some groups would grow and harvest crops, filter water, and hunt for animal meat. They made tools out of strong stone and wood, sharp glass, made naturally by sand and rocks. Women also worked together to create clothing, baskets, pots, bowls, and any other home resources. Many Women were also doctors and created herbal medicines to heal sicknesses.


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No War, Yes War

The Lenni Lenape Tribe would trade with other Tribes so they could maintain a healthy relationship with the other Tribes. They never wanted to create wars, so they would trade for land, water, and building materials.

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