Locke's Letter

What's Happening in Room 313?

Classroom Needs

Dear Parents and Families,

Our classroom is in need of some items to finish out the school year! If you can help please let me know by emailing me at Kathleen.locke@asheville.k12.nc.us.

  • Healthy snacks- students eat snack each day to keep us motivated and focused. Please send healthy snacks such as fruit and veggies, cheese sticks, granola bars, skinny pop, etc.
  • End of Year ticket Auction Items- At the end of the year students will be able to spend remaining red tickets on auction items! I have been collecting through the year, but we need more items. Some examples of things you could donate would be backpacks (like the drawstring kind you might get in a race), cool art supplies, picture frames, movie gift cards, toys, footballs, basketballs, baseballs, etc. If you can donate, please send in your items before the end of the school year!

What Are We Learning This Week?

Reading- Identifying the theme of a text. Students will use inferring skills to help determine the theme and main idea of a text.

Math- Decimals! Students struggle with decimal place value! We are really emphasizing the model of whole number. tenths, hundredths

Writing- Publishing and planning a writing celebration! We will keep you in the loop!

Science- Magnets

Dates To Remember

  • Monday, April 27-May 5 MAP Testing
  • Friday, May 1 EBOB Competition
  • Wednesday, May 6 Walk to School Day
  • Thursday, May 7 Interim Reports Go Home
  • Tuesday, May 12 Field Day!

Sharing Raleigh Photos

Sharing photos from Raleigh, like this gem from the hotel, is easy!

Mrs. Grimes has created a google drive folder so students and parents can share their pictures with everyone in our class. This will allow students who did not have cameras to see pictures and parents who were not able to attend to see pictures from the trip. Simply click on the link below and add pictures to the folder or view pictures to see the fun we had. The easiest way to upload pictures from a phone is to download the free google drive app and then click on the link. This should allow google drive to connect to your camera. Happy viewing and sharing!



Huge thank you to our wonderful classroom volunteers who help us regularly!

Mr. Dixon, Mrs. Hawes and Mrs. Callahan!

Also a huge shout out to our Raleigh Trip volunteers!

Mr. Hayes, Mr. Ross, Mr. Dixon, Mrs. Rentz and Mrs. Hunter!

Contacting Mrs. Locke

You may contact me by phone or email at any time! I check email frequently and will get back to you as soon as possible. Follow us on twitter at @CLXMrsLocke